on the cheap

Erin Wasson for RVCA. Leather lace up shorts. Retails over $200+
rvca_leather_shorts.230 bucks
ON THE CHEAP: Sex shop. Faux leather lace up shorts. Retail $40
Top shop. Sequin front and sleeved dress. Retail $170
ON THE CHEAP: Vintage thrift sequin dress. Retail $40
Christian Dior strapless leopard print dress. Retail: (More than I can afford).
ON THE CHEAP: Strapless leopard print dress. Forever 21: Retail $23
Bravo TV. Erin Wasson RVCA. Topshop
I noticed recently that a few things I bought have also been online (or television) in their designer version. The price tags are completely different as is I’m sure the quality, but I had to show you three for now.
News alert!! —> The killer leopard print dress on Taylor from The Rachel Zoe Project is 3.2 million times better than this Forever 21 version but at least I see what I would have picked had I had that kind of cash (or job). Until then, there are definitely cheap fixes around.
ps. If you follow me on Twitter here you already know that I upload in store cell pics of recent finds (including scores today – take a peak!) or I’ll show pics of steals I know others will want. (*waves to Sandee for scoring the same Stella McCartney wedges I posted on twitter for $150).
ps. Taylor if you plan on never using that dress again, send it to me will you?

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