new york body armor

Dress: H&M. Body chain: Courtesy of Armor Jewelry. Shades: Ray Ban. Bag: Thrift DIY studded. Boots: Vintage Fryes
Last year August, Sandee from Armor Jewelry sent me this long earring.
Fast forward to last month when I visited her at a New York soho boutique now selling her gorge body pieces. This UME body chain stood out to me while going through all her pieces and Sandee was kind enough to send it to me last week.
It looks like a normal heavy chain necklace when wearing a jacket (till a wind gust shows a flash of more chains). I wore it with the long H&M dress you saw me get here and my old Fryes.
I noticed it gets long looks (mostly from women) on the packed subway train (at least it did this morning and this evening coming home).
ps. speaking of jewellery. Jesus people, the interest in that cross ring is unreal. I am actually reading all the comments so keep them coming and I’ll pick someone and ship it off (worldwide).

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