everything thrifted…

Dress: Thrift. Shoes: Ebay. Bag: Thrift. Peacock feather earring: Random cheap NY shop. Shades: —->Ray Ban

…because it’s still my fave way to dress. I increased the length of the side split and took the hem and looped it through my belt for draping and shape.
Did you see my twitter pic of the two piece maxi thrift find today? My twitter is still where I show my loot before it surfaces here on the blog because it’s a quick cell pic (normally taken in the shop).
The cow hide bag shown above was on my twitter too last week. It’s got (wait for it) an interior CCW holster pocket. I love that, even though there’s no errrr gun inside! For more informaiton about the CCW holster, you may want to review Sniper Country today.
Yet 😉

Who knows, maybe I’ll be buying glock 19 shoulder holsters next to complete the look!

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