lace + the disco ball

Here’s the rest of the pictures I took for Solestruck vintage.  Two different looks but you could easily swap the boots to go with either.
Click below to see the second outfit >>

These two girls were so cute. They rode up to me and started asking loads of questions (and they weren’t annoying suprisingly)

One of my fave vintage jackets
Pink dress: Shareen vintage. leather bag: Rebecca Minkoff (this Wang is a similar hue).  I have the black RM as well. Necklace: Topshop. Crystal ring: Mania Mania. Starfish ring: Random NY shop (found a similar one online). Boots: Solestruck vintage. 2nd look: Sequin jacket: Thrift/vintage. Shorts: Urban Outfitters. Shades: Ray Ban. Boots: Solestruck vintage (click here for my interview w/ Solestruck)
The black boots are with the pink lace dress some of you wanted to see more of.  I found it one bored lunch hour at Shareen vintage. If your new to my blog you can read my Shareen visit here.
I wore the brown boots with leather rope trim with the harlequin jacket and old shorts. I can’t believe I almost got rid of this jacket. Honest I did. It was a wtf was I thinking moment the next day when I realized hang on – no I do really like it. Drips the odd sequin now and then but sod it – still a fave. The disco ball effect when light hits it is enough to make me crack up too.

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