I had to ask Karmay

camel coat
oversized camel coat
oversized coat

Coats are everywhere outside since the temps took a nose dive.  To me the oversized ones are so good over some old jeans or a skirt with slip ons or boots.  I previewed the Asos Christmas collection on Wednesday and Instagrammed their green pony hair coat that was stunning. 
I saw Karmay yesterday outside Balthazar in this almost tent-like camel coat.  Hers is from a vintage shop in Paris. 
I still reckon the next best are from the mens section. They’re oversized without looking perfect.
Her friend just outside of these photos let down her hair right before I took these photos. She looked fine both ways.  Loved how she only buttoned the top part by the collar and left the other buttons undone – the details….
You can see how she looked before on facebook and Instagram

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