22 Things I Didn’t Know Until I Worked For Myself

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Since leaving my 9 to 5 day job, you can read more about that day (here), I have had to adjust to working from home.  As a result there are certain things that I didn’t realize would happen until I was actually, well, working from home.

Here are a few of them in no specific order:

The week and weekend blur into one – there is no ‘weekend’ or ‘working week’
You forget what day it is because you don’t have the Monday or Friday on/off routine
The dreaded Sunday night back-to-work-in-the-morning feeling disappears
You never really have a day off
You can work in pajamas 
You stop watching the clock waiting for ‘lunch/home time’
It’s a feast or famine income
The UPS and FeDex drivers know you well
The UPS and FeDex drivers are curious to know what you do for a living
Your subway metro card cost drops dramatically
There is no such thing as a public holiday weekend
You understand what ‘hustle’ means
You can work anywhere in the world as long as you have wifi and a laptop
You don’t get that TGIF feeling
The space behind your chair is neat for possible video Skype calls…
…but you have conference calls looking like something the cat dragged in
The quiet: You can go all day without saying one word
You can sleep in…
…but you have to be self disciplined
You learn that uncertainty is a part of doing what you want for a living
You can go days without any physical adult interaction
Working on your birthday is not mandatory.  Mine is today so I’ll do a half day ; -)

.  .  .

Feel free to add to this list if you’re in the same boat!

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