New Acquisitions

embroidered coat
madewell bucket bag

Coat: Flea Market.  Bag: Madewell.  

My first two new Autumn acquisitions.

The first is this coat.  You can imagine how I found it.  As Michael’s driving past a local church flea market I yell: “OMG stop the car! Stop. The. Bloody. Caaaaar!!” He pulls over without even asking why.  He already knows.  I jump out and literally run into the market where I saw the coat hanging on a wire fence.  I’m thinking to myself: ‘will it fit?’    Two minutes later I’m sitting smugly back in the mini with it.  It fit!

The second find is a Madewell leather drawstring bag that some have seen on my Instagram photo in a fitting room. The Mansur Gavriel bag re-ignited the current trend for them and I’ve worn various vintage ones throughout the years (including my still loved white DIY studded one), but I never found a vintage one that I was 100% happy with. Remember this red one or this croc one??  When that happens I suck it up and buy retail to get exactly what I want until the right vintage one turns up. This simple Madewell one ticks off the boxes and is logo free.

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