The Ones That Got Away

Opening Ceremony Rodarte carpet boots

Photo taken from this 2011 post.

I still miss these boots.

I have around 1,325,442 pairs of boots (check my home and shoe shelf in this older post) but I still miss these boots.

I weekly wardrobe purge to try and work with less (read about the struggles of purging here) but I still miss these boots.

They were one size too small for me but I still miss these boots.

Confession: I’ve searched eBay periodically for years, still looking for these bloody boots.  I just checked now as I’m writing this.

I remember getting them at Opening Ceremony and they were the ONLY ones left but in one size too small.  Heck technically my feet could get in them.

I got rid of them weeks later after I reasoned that I’ll never stretch them out (that was before I heard of a magic shoe stretching spray via my mate Paula).

 So yeah, I still miss these boots and I want them back.

What’s the one thing you wished you’d kept?  At least we can cry together.

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