How To Create the Marant Embroidered Jean

Isabel Marant monroe jeans

A super easy DIY for you…!

Step 1:

You will need:

  • Approx 1.5 yards of fabric trim of your choice with a wax/glue backing
  • One pair of butterfly patches with the same backing
  • A pair of cropped skinny jeans in black, red or winter white
  • An iron with steam capability
  • Scissors
  • 1 or 2 teflon sheets (to place between the iron and fabric)


You will also need a few pins!


Step 2:

Lay jeans on a flat surface and place one butterfly at an angle in the corner and secure with a pin


Step 3:

Cut a piece of the trim and pin in place diagonally under the pocket area and close to the zip.


Step 4:

Roll out more trimming down the side of the leg.  You have the option to cut the trimming at any point to break up the one continuous ‘vine.’ Stop the trim around 3/4 down the leg.


Step 5:

With all trimming pinned, try on the jeans and adjust areas by re-pinning as needed.  Once you are cool with the placement, place one sheet of teflon on the trimming and spritz with a little water.

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Step 6:

Place the iron on the sheet for approx 15/20 seconds.  The steam and heat bonds the trimming to the denim.  The sheet protects the fabric and prevents ugly iron sheen.

Repeat this process for both legs, placing down the sheet/spritzing/ironing.  I used the same sheet for these jeans.

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Step 7:

“Ta dar” arms outstretched.  Basic skinnies updated!

DIY designer jeans
isabel marant jeans

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This is an easy DIY to get the look of the Isabel Marant embroidered jean for F/W 2012.   No sewing required.

I chose black jeans with a light colored trim but of course white or red jeans work and you choose the contrasting color.

NOTE:  I was told by the shop that the trimming lasts in the washing machine just don’t go crazy washing the denim daily.

Watch the VIDEO of me making them here for Marie Claire’s fashion mission.

ps.  Or you could say sod it and get the real deal.

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