5 really good designer dupes

The devil may wear Prada, but the rest of us may need something a bit more affordable: meaning, really good designer dupes. Designer items are coveted for a reason, as their high quality and limited quantities drive us to want them. However, lately over on TikTok and other social media platforms, shoppers have found a way to achieve high fashion looks without breaking the bank. Luckily, there are still plenty of places to get high-quality designer dupes. Sometimes you cannot spend the money or simply don’t want to and that’s ok! Or you want to first try the piece and see how it looks on you, with your style before committing to big spending.

These are 5 of the best designer dupes of 2023, alternatives, look-alikes, and designer-inspired pieces that are affordable. Scroll down to check them out!

Prada Cleo Mini Bag

Pro: The perfect mix between classicism and futurism, the Prada Cleo bag reinterprets an iconic design from the brand’s archives. Sleek, curved lines give this flap bag a sophisticated allure. Cons: You can barely fit anything in there. For the price point, you might wanna get yourself this Mango designer dupe. How cool is it, right? Prada Cleo brushed-leather shoulder bag also has its twin here.

Magda Butrym rose-embellished sandals

Pro: These strappy sandals emanate Magda Butrym’s romantic essence. Featuring a huge high stiletto heel and the brand’s signature 3D flower appliqué. Con: These retail for approximately 700$ which is quite high if you normally don’t wear heels. If you’re planning on wearing them for one occasion only, Mango strikes again with the perfect lookalike. 

Christopher Esber cut-out black dress

Con: Christopher Esber established himself as an expert tailor soon after launching his namesake label in 2010. The brand combines elements of menswear with feminine silhouettes and delicate fabrics to create beautiful, contemporary pieces. I mean, what’s not to like about this ultra-sexy dress? Con: Except for maybe the price, around 500$. Good thing we have this ASOS dress, which is exactly the same! Damn, this one is such a good designer dupe! 

Paloma Wool multicolor Flandria dress

Pro: Based in Barcelona, the colorful and offbeat womenswear line Paloma Wool celebrates the beauty of simplicity, an ethos supported by sustainable and local production practices. Elegant yet daring, each piece is telling a story away from trends and seasons. Nostalgia-inducing psychedelic patterns are one of the brand’s signature styles. Con: Despite this not being the most expensive designer, you might want to try the sheer trend at an affordable price point before committing to 3 figure prices. 

Paco Rabanne chain-link necklace

Pro: Add a dose of tough-luxe glamour to your looks with Paco Rabanne’s chain link silver necklace. Con: But in case metal for 400$ is not exactly your cup of tea, why not go for Mango’s iteration? Looks (and sounds) good to me!

What did you think of this selection? Bonus: these sunglasses look exactly the same as my Stella McCartney’s. Check them out for only 18$.

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