Retro Fashion Trends Making a Comeback in 2023

A growing interest in capsule wardrobes and conscious shopping has had many people gravitating toward quality over quantity. And it’s no coincidence that we’ve been dipping back into our archives and memories to revive the iconic pieces of the past that have stood the test of time. Whether you’re interested in an investment purchase to last a lifetime or seeking out a retro silhouette, let’s dive into the retro fashion trends making a comeback in 2023. 

Bucket Hats

In 2023, bucket hat iterations include everything from fuzzy, teddy bucket hats to low-key elegant versions in silk and other luxe fabrics. Top off a breezy, springtime outfit with a bucket hat or go for a monochromatic look!

Camouflage Print

No matter how you felt about this trend back then, it’s kinda hard not to love it now. My camo cargos are men’s vintage (tip!). When it comes to the mix-and-match approach, try teaming a camo piece with other patterns or pair it with a sexy silhouette as I did here with a corset for a cool mash-up. The juxtaposition is what makes camouflage feel modern! It also helps the fabric shed its utilitarian rep. Check out some lookalikes I found below. 

Slip Dresses/ Spaghetti Straps

I rarely come across a slip dress that I’m not drawn to (I swear!). Delicate slip dresses were a staple in every ’90s girl’s closet. Style them with multiple layered chokers and cowboy boots for an effortless look.


Boasting a half-moon hobo-style silhouette, the Gucci Jackie feels contemporary to this day – in all its versions. Again, it may be 62 years old, but the Gucci Jackie 1961 doesn’t show its age. It’s cool, it’s classic and it’s an accessory that looks so damn good.

Any other retro fashion trends you’ve got under your radar?

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