Jumper (sweater): Vintage. Faux leather trousers: T&V. Shoes: Chloes. Bag: Balenciaga
I LOVED this vintage top the moment I swung it around on the hanger and saw the back. Also, the front (which I wear as the back), has big jewel-like stones sewn randomly on it too which I thought was cool.
I destroyed both shoulders a bit by stretching out the yarn to show more skin.
I much prefer stuff like this that’s been messed up a bit.


  1. Megan (AusAnna) says:

    this is so cute girl. you have SUCH great style 🙂
    would love to exchange links. lemme know x

  2. Najeema says:

    Love to see you smile, pretty!

  3. GingerSnap says:

    Gorgeous pictures, I love the top on you…it looks so “easy going” and pretty 🙂

  4. Cruz says:

    Great look! Love the pants.

  5. ellevictoire says:

    I found you on tFs, and i love your blog!
    this outfit is great – i especially like the sweater 🙂

  6. Karen says:

    Posey – Found them from a random French website!

    The whole thing was in French so I had to frantically do translation to get me through the order process before they quickly sold out. LOL!

  7. KB says:

    Hi, love this jumper, looks great on you! I read your profile, I’m also going to be moving to New York for a placement after living in London in Jan, so will definitely need to pick your brains on some things!

  8. Posey says:

    great find! i’ve been searching high and low. i saw a girl walking down oxford street yesterday and literally stalked her, they are gorgeous.

    great outfit!

  9. Anonymous says:

    Seriously…U BLOW MY MIND. This is soo awesome!!

  10. labeautifulvie says:

    What you did to that sweater is genius! I love it!

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