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Leggings: Topshop. Tshirt: American Apparel. Blazer: H&M. Boots: All Saints. Bag: Forever 21
Want people to look you up and down all day? Wear sequin leggings.
The looks swing between ‘hmmm should I’ or ‘wtf is that?’ It’s bloody brilliant!
Only fitting I ended up passing through Times Square, the epicenter of glitzy flash. The legs should fit right in.


  1. Tariro says:

    I love those shoes!
    And the whole outfit is really nice :]

  2. PUNKIE says:

    amazing! this sequined leggings are great!

  3. Mihal says:

    girl if anybody can pull it off it’s you…go ahead with your sequined self (not to mention laying down on the sidewalk in times sq!).

  4. Anonymous says:

    you are too fabulous. everyone just probably thought you were a model!

  5. fritha louise says:

    love how you made the leggings more casual looking with the boots and tshirt.

  6. Vanessa Krystin says:

    Great outfit! I love times square, can’t wait to go back!

  7. Tip says:

    Love em!! Great photos and poses my girl!!

  8. Jager says:

    i am so in love with this outfit. i’ve been dying for sequin leggings for so long.

    but in that outfit, i can’t believe you lied down on the sidewalk in times square. brave soul! 🙂


  9. Ms. Butterfly says:

    You are so gangsta on the ground doing that pose love it!

  10. Karen says:

    Romi – yes they are. A bit on the warm side too which worked for the day I wore them. Should make them great for winter…

    Thx guys for the comments : )

  11. bbbethany says:

    Those leggings are AMAZING! I want some.

  12. Fashion Is Poison says:

    oooh man…i can’t wait for topshop to come to california…

    you look fabulous!


  13. Damsels says:

    wow i love that you dont mind takin pics infront of all those tourists

    me ? i dont go upwards of 23st ever lol

  14. Diana says:


  15. Karen says:

    Damsels – I don’t give a toss about that. In fact its even more of a laugh to be around them : )

    Fashion is Poisin – are they coming to CA?? You will DIE to see the stuff they have coming for Fall.

  16. Eli says:

    hot legs!

  17. Rachel says:

    I seriously love those leggings. And you wear them so well!

  18. thischicksgotstyle says:

    Wow, I really like the first shot a lot! And you look very good, beautiful outfit!!

  19. Lion-ess says:

    Loving your style.. amazing!!

  20. Daria says:

    fuck YES!

  21. Karen says:

    I love the fact that sequins as day wear has fans. You guys definitely have to do it, if you aren’t already?

    Daria – you always sum it up the best.

  22. pennerad says:

    i love these tights. lol, and the fact that you had the cojones to sit on the side of the road to take shots! great pics.

  23. Miranda says:

    those boots are possibly the perfect ankle bootie!

  24. Hildi**** says:


  25. Krystal says:

    those are my be-all-end-all boots, and they were sold out long before i ever knew about them. so jealous 🙂

  26. Kait says:

    HA! amazing. you are so brave for lying down in the middle of times square. love it!

  27. Glam_Noir says:

    Very hot, love the leggings you make it all look so effortless.

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