Tshirt: Urban Outfitters. Vest: La Rok. Shorts: DIY. Shoes: Forever 21.

Two bargains worn on the weekend. The platform shoes are Forever 21. My first pair of zip up heels (and first F21 shoe purchase) and let me tell you: comfortable. Maybe not for hours of dancing, but bloody well as good as (until a heel snaps off. How long should we give till one does?).
I got the vest at the Elizabeth & James/La Rok sample sale a few weeks ago.


  1. Tariro says:

    Awesome shorts!
    And those shoes rock too

  2. Damsels says:

    you lie ! forever 21?
    idont even…………..they are great !
    the vest is great and the tiger T is awesome and rockand roll

  3. Diana says:

    LOVE this outfit. God Karen, you make it look so effortless. =P

  4. Allie says:

    Your legs are like a mile long!

  5. Anonymous says:

    Omg Karen I love the shoes. I saw them on the F21 website ages ago but didn’t think much of them. You make them look expensive!! Also how tall are you? Your legs are definitely PERFECT and long!!!

  6. PUNKIE says:

    wow, great shoes, awesome waitstocoat and tee… gorgeous look!

  7. Posh says:

    Wow Karen, you look stunning! <3 The heels have the perfect shape, perfect!

    I give the heels a day, the heels of my shoes are always broken..

    And who makes your pictures, I’m curious. 😉

  8. Sylvia says:

    F21?? no way jose?? haha! i’m suprised theyre comfy and i looooooooooooove the vest!!

  9. lovert says:

    wow beautiful !!

  10. Nika says:

    the shoes, i need to go to F21 I see a lot of bloggers wearing cute shoes by them, you look awesome as usual. do you workout?

  11. Key says:

    How can you walk all day long in nyc with those high-heels!!? :O
    The vest is beautiful.
    kisses 🙂

  12. proudly says, says:

    you’re so gorgeous!
    you all got the looks and body.

    i browsed your older posts, and i all like them!

    the pictures are clear too, may i know what type of
    camera you’re using and how many mm of lens?

  13. ♥ fashion chalet says:

    Forever 21 sent me those shoes this week, can’t wait to wear them. Love it with socks on!! 🙂


  14. Anna G says:

    I so envy your shoe collection. I really love your vest. It’s such a great find.

  15. Karen says:

    Fashion Chalet – you definitely got a great choice!

    Key – I choose my activities to match the heel height. Its like a heel/event ratio thing ; )

    Posh – so far day 1 a success. Let’s see for the rest!

    Nika – yes I do. On and off though. Haven’t done anything in about 2 months.

  16. Mihal says:

    dude…i have one pair of F21 heels and they’ve lasted about a year so far, no end in sight, they’re still in great condition!! good luck with yours 🙂

  17. stilettostetico says:

    Re-Wooooow Simply Because your KILLer legs are made for short denim shorts, AND on such a “Vavavooooooooooooomesque” way !!!

  18. tinklestar says:

    wow, those shoes definitely dont’ look like forever21!

    i totally admire your courage to take pics right next to a busy street and even in times square! i can’t even get myself to take my camera downstairs to take pictures in the sun! and if i do, i force my husband to go with me and even then, we’re only out there for like 1 minute before running back inside!! i need to get over my embarrassment of getting caught! haha

  19. DANIELLE says:

    real like the rockish kind of element to it looks good , the whole look workss niceee 🙂


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