collaboration – rain coats & studs









Me: Dress: Topshop. Bag: DIY studded. Boots: DIY Studded.
Chantal. Tutu: (yes we both have them). Rain coats: DIY Muji.
I met up with Chantal for a collaboration wearing her DIY swarovski crystal embellished rain coats. I think the recent New York rain is fuelling inspiration. We cut the coats to jacket height to remove weight and I sourced the coats from Muji.
It ended up getting suprisingly warm, so I removed the coat towards the end. I ressurected my old grey Steve Madden boots with studs. The bag you know already. ps. The LF boots Chantal is wearing that I bought a while back, rock on anyone. I’m convinced of it.


  1. Rachel says:

    I looove your boots! The raincoats are very awesome as well

  2. Damsels says:

    love your boots . .you guys are so great .. partners in crime !!!

  3. withasianstereotypes says:

    I love your blog. The coats you two have on are amazing. I was gawking at your studded shoes on Chantal’s blog, and I just had to visit this page for a second look, and I’m glad I did! You and Chantal look so cute together, I love when you two take photos. I now know what I have to read through out tonight (your bloody fantastic blog). Nothing screams living in NY is amazing more than you two.

    KISS, China L.

  4. lovert says:

    amazing how to look faboulus in the rain hihi;p

  5. PUNKIE says:

    great DIY!!! both of your looks are awesome!

  6. Moomby says:

    your boots are genius!

  7. Jacquie says:

    the coats are so gorgeous – i want to try it!

    great photos as usual 🙂


  8. tina_mbc says:

    This is so inspiring…
    I ‘m thinking of making my own DIY studded blazer a la Zara…:)))


  9. Nicci says:

    Those studded shoes are my favourite!

  10. Cupcakes and Cashmere says:

    adorable shots…i love how you can even be fashionable in the rain!

  11. Life99 says:

    Your boots are HOT!!!!!

  12. bbbethany says:

    You two look great together! Like yin and yang.

    And I can’t tell you how much I adore your boots!

  13. thischicksgotstyle says:

    So cool!!
    I love the idea of glamming up rain coats and I agree, those booties are so good!

  14. stilettostetico says:

    AND You’re really ready to cross possible rainy days on such a refreshing/stylish way like that, a fortiori with such a delicious friendly company !!!
    ps: Oooooooh just in case, I have made a litle commented link to your Blog on “stilettosteticoooooooooooo” !!!

    à Bientôt, Antoine

  15. Hanh, Life-in-Travel says:

    I love the both outfit!!

    those boots are awesome!!

    Love your style!


  16. Darren says:

    I love Chantal’s stuff ‘n’ by the look of you blog you have similar styles. Looking forward to going through the archives and to any new posts so just had to Sub. x’s ‘n’ <3

  17. Jenny Cindy says:

    Wonderful pictures…I can’t get over how amazing both of your closets are and how well your styles go together. You really compliment each other perfectly!

    I’m loving the rain coats…they make for such cool outfits. Also your boots are killer!!

  18. Meho says:

    everything about this is just PERFECT!!! i swear the two of you rock those outfits!!

    Meho xx

  19. Karen says:

    hey guys! i’m glad you liked this collaboration.

    yes there IS A WAY to look (somewhat) glam in the rain!!

    Ashely – from Muji – LOVE that place.

    Darren – yes we do have some overlaps in our taste. One of the reasons we get on well : ))

  20. CÉLINE says:

    love you both together!
    but man she’s really really skinny

  21. Anonymous says:

    hello i like your blog

  22. Anonymous says:

    Your friend coco rosa looks sick! Tell her to put some weight on. She looks disgusting! Like a 12 years old girl! But on the other hand… you look healthy and tone! Tell her to look up to you and eat something. Loooking at her makes me want to vomit.

  23. Anonymous says:

    I agree with anonymous. Chantal looks like she should gain some weight especially around the thigh area. In one of the photos, her thigh looks horrifying. Be a good friend and give her a cheeseburger.

  24. Anonymous says:

    i want to go shopping with you

  25. meghan says:

    you’re both incredibly amazing

  26. Jeaux says:

    Love your blog! Is there a way you can have a gallery or a link that leads to your shoots besides the “you might also like?” I saw the lace shorts flick a couple of days ago but cant get back to it to see “where you got them from.” <3 – Jeaux

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