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Blouse: NY boutique. Shorts: DIY. Fryes: Thrift shop. Jewellery: T&V/H&M/Street Vendor
I don’t have the patience to break in Fryes (even though I’m breaking in others currently). These came ready made from a thrift shop mens section. The backs of the heel have already worn down at an angle and the shaft of the boot slouches.
I’m in love with that beat up disintegrating truck in the back ground with that fab white star. If I could take home that door and hang it on my wall I would.


  1. Damsels says:

    wow those boots are pretty badass. luck you are so supermodel tallthat they fit you in mens

    you have great style i will always check out your blog as long as you post 🙂

  2. Key says:

    love it!
    the pics are great… i love the truck too 🙂
    is that your house??


  3. ONiC says:

    i love each pieces 🙂

  4. PUNKIE says:

    LOVE LOVE LOVE! endless love! perfect! I love the boots, the top and the ring! my god they are so gorgeous!

  5. sheri amor says:

    love your photos:)

  6. Life99 says:

    Great pics…as always, dear. The polish color =love.

  7. Karen says:

    Life99- Thanks you’ve reminded me next time to mention it in my descriptions. Its Pixel Pretty by Sally Hansen.

    Key – I wish! Its my friend’s parents country ranch. Absolutely gorgeous.

    Damsels – that last part of your comment is a really nice thing to say. Thank you. The boots are a bit big on me but I can deal.

  8. Meho says:

    OMG the top, the boots, the nail polish!! it’s all so perfect!

    Meho xx

  9. moded'amour says:

    amazing outfit, i love it!!

  10. tinklestar says:

    those boots look awesome!!! great find!

  11. Antonia says:

    I really love this setting that you took these pics at….they’re beautiful! I love that top and the boots too. Thanks for giving us all these great ideas….if only we could all have a killer bod so we can dress like you! 🙂

  12. Jacquie says:

    such great pics: the hard rock edge of the outfit contrasts with the rustic surroundings 🙂

    2 girls
    1 blog:


  13. tina_mbc says:

    Love your nails and jewellery!!!!!

    Excellent taste in both! 🙂


  14. Daria says:

    i love this look. it played just as well in real life as it did in photos. the top is amazing.

  15. MDSTYLING says:

    I LOVE your boots! Amazing outfit, the top is also very pretty! =)

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