blade runner

Shirt dress: Young, Fabulous & Broke. Shoes: ACNE. Bag: Forever 21. Zip Bracelet: Tay Trong
Before I get harpooned to death, let me preface that I did wear my faux black leather mini skirt.
These pics were taken in a rush and mr photographer is like: “oh it’s fine. it’s fine. I’m not running back to the house for the skirt now. Grab it when we go back in-doors.” I’m thinking: “how the f**k can I run out without it? I must be losing it”
Anyway I digress… Here are the ‘skater boots’ a la Alexa Chung. I had these stretched for a few days. Bring on Fall.


  1. Eva Internazionale says:

    I know the focus is on the shoes, but your bracelet is lovely.

  2. Anonymous says:

    <3<3 ur blog, linked to it from chicintuition! been eyeing z acne boots but exceed my 3″ heel limit, so r they comfy?

  3. britnee says:

    your bracelet is amazing, Im in love with the all black version of those shoes

  4. agatiszka says:

    Great shoes!

  5. fabulous everything says:

    karen! love the shoes! i just bought a pair myself but i am usually a size US 7. i just ordered a size 38. i’m worried that they’ll be tooo big. i usually fit a 37.5 in other shoes like Chloe but i am a 37 in topshop. SO CONFUSING! i’d like your input as i read your size 40 was too small. thank you again <3

  6. ED says:

    Those shoes are lovely!

  7. Missrose says:

    Lovely shoes 😉

  8. Mara says:

    Loooove this photo.
    The bracelet and shoes are so inspiring.

  9. Anonymous Coward says:


  10. Tay says:

    Can’t wait to see you wear those sick shoes at the September shows!

  11. Jenny Cindy says:

    What an absolutely cool bracelet. And of course the atacomas – stunning!

  12. Oh...dear me says:

    you have great legs! and these Acne shoes are orgasmic

  13. Nini's Style says:

    The bracelet is amazing and love the shoes of course !!! 🙂

  14. Annabel says:

    i’d kill for those shoes! did you buy them online?

  15. Antonia says:

    Karen you cracked me up describing how you left the house without the skirt-lol! Your eye make up is fabulous-nobody does it better!

  16. nikky says:

    i am waiting for fall too. can’t wait.

    and amazing “zipper bracelet”-so uniqueee

  17. Karen says:

    anon – yes they are although they are tight on me cuz they are a size smaller than I normally wear so mine had to be stretched.

    I’ll prolly stretch them once more.

    Annabel – I got them at the ACNE store which is easy to get to in NYC.

    Tay – you know it ; )

    Antonia – thank you! Dark eyes is my all time fave look.

    oh dear me – that’s THE best word I think for them….

  18. Coco says:

    Love everything.. your style, your clothing.. =)

  19. Oriane says:

    Love this outfit and especially your Acne shoes !

  20. Laura says:

    Lovely shoes!

  21. JESSICA says:

    there better not be any naysayers because you look fabulous and if anyone can rock that outfit it’s you. p.s. love the necklace!

  22. Sophia and Mary says:

    damn girl, don’t hurt em
    shoes are fly!

  23. cocorosa says:

    wow wow wow wow 🙂 and love love love love 🙂

  24. Kat says:

    You look great in this outfit…cool and sexy! And the shoes look great! Can I ask if they’re comfortable to walk in?

  25. Sookeh says:

    Hey! what do you mean by had them “stretching” for a few days? I hate a pair of wedge platforms too that are my size, but a little tight :/ i tried stuffing them with paper but it didn’t really work…




  26. sexyinthecity says:

    You looks amazing with the shirt dress! You have perfect legs!! and love the Acne shoes!
    Great style!!

  27. Sheri says:

    I need those shoes!

  28. LIZ-piration says:

    Those shoes go hard.. how comfortable are they? xo

  29. Karen says:

    It’s early days plus mine are a bit tight but overall they are ok. I think with time they will feel better. IF you get your size, then they are fine.

    Sookeh – at a shoe repairers…

    Ashley – no he doesn’t have a site to buy the bracelets. If you’d like his email to speak to him directly just send me an email. Be prepared for alot of comments if you get one and wear it.

    Jessica – thanks. I love that necklace. its like a little metal jewelled coin purse with a metal hinged lid.

  30. Krystal says:

    yay! you got them too!!! have people stopped you to offer to buy them yet…its a craze isnt it!?

  31. caylee says:

    if i could own one pair of shoes, money not an object, it would be those…sigh.

    and your legs look simply incredibly here!
    i love the combo of this super-short dress and the acnes, shorts or no shorts =)