Jumper: Paul & Joe for Urban Outfitters. Boots: Vintage Fryes. Bag: Random street vendor
I got this jumper a year ago at Urban Outfitters. I should wear it more often because it’s comfortable.
I reeeeally like longer jumpers too like this one. Perfect with these metallic brogues (I’ve resisted getting the silver ones….at least so far).
The fedora lasted for about 10 seconds. I tossed that and just walked around with my hair growing larger in the humidity with every hour.
ps. I really like canvas bags now – beyond the whole recycling thing.


  1. chicmuse says:



  2. nikky says:

    this entire outfit is perfect for summer. BOOTS are a great touch.

  3. Posh says:

    Faboulous again! <3 The playsuit is perfect for your body shape, actually: your body shape is perfect haha!

  4. Life99 says:

    Hot! boots and your natural hair is so pretty! That necklace is really cute too!

  5. InnyVinny says:

    Cuuuuute!! I don’t see many short rompers with sleeves. This one is adorable.

  6. carlyjcais says:

    You look fabulous! I almost bought a similar long-sleeved short-shorts jumper in Harajuku the other day…but then reality set in and I realized I don’t have the legs for it. You definitely do though!
    (Love the turquoise nail polish with the brown boots!)


  7. Ilse says:

    love the tiny little details in this outfit! 😀

  8. missDTM says:

    i love that jumper!

  9. Nika says:

    cute look and I like that bag…this is why I’m hot…too cute

  10. Flour says:

    Loving everything about this look, especially the boots!

  11. Sarah K. says:

    I never liked jumpers or rompers because of their name… hahaha the word *romper* just sounds unflattering! But I like the loose top on this one, you wear it well!

  12. Karen says:

    Sarah – I never know WHAT to call them. I’ve heard so many different versions.

    Posh – your not too bad yourself woman!!!! TRUST ME!!

    Nika – I so love that bag for that very reason. It makes me smile : ))

    Thanks EVERYONE for your comments!!!! Jumpers (or whatever they’re called are a load of fun to wear).

    K x

  13. Damsels says:

    maybe its just me but ilike this look sans hat .. .though its a very nbice hat im over the fedora thing 🙂

  14. Valérie says:

    Your outfit is really really great. And your blog is fantastic. Love it <3

  15. Anonymous says:

    awesome look. where is the necklace from?

  16. Karen says:

    Anon – the necklace is H&M.

    Valerie – thanks : ))

  17. Diana says:

    I like the jumper! A LOT! 🙂

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