random nights

Dim lights at a basement bar down town Manhattan…
Watching Zoe Kravitz perform…

At the bar with my friend while watching her show….
OAK party in Williamsburg Brooklyn….
Random people shots at OAK…
I want this tank…

Met one of my fave models outside, Hanne Gaby Odiele….

Pic of Hanne in my Barneys catalogue (the mag just landed at home yesterday)….

ended the night at an outdoor garden restaurant….
A few nights ago my friend and me went to catch Zoe Kravitz perform at a small venue downtown. Being one of my fave dressers (I love anyone who knows how to rock vintage and thrift), of course I went. I was introduced to Zoe via a mutual friend before she went up which was cool.
Fast forward to tonight where I was out at OAK in Williamsburg in Brooklyn where they had a little fashion shindig going on. GOD I LOVE THEIR CLOTHES. Champagne popped all evening, DJ spinning vinyl and wall to wall styled out people mingling. I only took a couple of pics towards the end. I didn’t fancy being the photographer, plus I was using my crappy little Sony camera. No shots of me, although the official photographer at OAK took a couple which I’ll post if they get used on their website.
Nice highlight was meeting one of my fave models at the moment, Hanne Gaby Odiele, also snapped here recently by Altamira. There’s something inspiring to me about models who lack the stereotyped pretty face.

Ok goodnight. I need some shut eye.


  1. Dominika says:

    wow! i really want these pants from 7th photo!
    great pictures ^^!

  2. MissMI6 says:

    oh that’s awesome you met zoe and hanne. Love the pictures, geat style of everyone there! x

  3. Oh...dear me says:

    Love the shoes on the 8th pic, Zoe sings? where was I?
    Hey I luv your blog I’m from europe, lived in London till 2005, now in DC, flying to London next week any ideas for shopping besides TopShop?

  4. WJ says:

    Great post about two very stylish people. Karen you are very lucky to meet both Zoe and Hanne! And those LD Tuttle shoes are to die for, I’m really lusting after them for the upcoming summer (southern hemisphere) – they look so comfortable!

  5. Damsels says:

    oh wow i had no idea zoe sang.

    do you like her music ?

  6. Tay says:

    That black and white photo is killer.

    I can have the Karen O tee for you by next week.

    Sarah, Oak shopgirl, told me about another party at the Bond st. location this coming Thursday.

  7. Nancy says:

    Great photography! Very inspirational. I love Hanne as well, she has such great taste.

  8. Cara says:

    Love Zoe’s style! Was she any good performing?


  9. aimy says:

    That’s so cool you met Hanne, but to be honest she is quite stereotypically pretty. She looks like a lot of European models…

  10. Karen says:

    oh dear me – yes she sings : )) Walk all along Oxford Street and you’ll find nothing but back to back shops. I also like Camden Town. More grungy and cheaper.

    cara – she was good actually. I wasn’t sure what to expect.

    Damsels – I’d listen to it on the radio when I’m in the mood. Its very rock.

    Tay – cool, on both fronts : )

  11. Diana says:

    work it girl!

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