sand kicking

Topshop canvas bag filled with water, SPF spray, frisbee and fruit….
The beige beaded bracelet to the left I bought from a beach vendor walking around – (it’s really a necklace)…
Took random shots of seagulls. Loved this one. Reminds me of summer.
The water was bloody freezing. For me, I have to just jump in or I wont bother.
Life guard over load. Paula this one’s for you. Next time you are here, faint in front of them will you?

The photographer responsible for my blog pics. The boyfriend, Michael…

Bikini: Victoria Secret. Denim vest: Levis (thrifted), Chuck Taylors: DIY studded. Shades: Ray Ban. Fedora: New Orleans street vendor. Jewellery: T&V, LF shop, street vendors. Nail polish: Sea Breeze by Essie
So the boyfriend and I hit the beach today. Believe it or not it’s my first time walking in sand this year.
We arrived around lunch and stayed for a few hours, me laying on my San Diego beach towel (souvenir from a west coast trip) snapping shots of seagulls and all sorts.
Have you guys hit the beaches a lot so far?


  1. Lemon Curry says:

    Hi, love the blog! Just wondering if you could point me the direction where to buy studs and how to put them on. That would be great, thanks!

  2. Carmela says:

    Def not Coney Island! Which beach did you guys hit up? I haven’t gone to a beach this year either! So sad!

  3. NICOLE says:

    ya i def hit the beaches this summer in florida. love your bathing suit btw

  4. Carol says:

    Gorgeous bikini!! I love the white for the beach!!


  5. Lansky says:

    Cute bikini ! ♥♥

  6. Jenny Cindy says:

    You look amazing! Love your bikini <3

  7. Dominika says:

    love your bikini! Wow, I wish I could have such an amazing body as you! ^^

  8. Lady Bug says:

    If I pretend to faint in front of them, they would just rollllllll me back into the sea mistaking me for a whale. Or knowing my luck, it would be the one closest to the flag who would rush to give me mouth to mouth…. but worth the risk tho’ ;o) Love youxx

    p.s Bikini is simply stunning! The white on you looks so fresh.

  9. Lady Bug says:

    pp.s I love the necklace too.

  10. miky says:

    you are gorgeus!!!

  11. thischicksgotstyle says:

    You look incredible!
    I can’t wait till I’m going to the beach next week after seeing this 😛

  12. Key says:

    i went two times already wearing my vintage 50’s bathing suit and a retro high-waist bikini!
    i love summer! 🙂

  13. Anika says:

    Mmm, I cannot wait for our summer. I live at the beach during our summers (am lucky enough to live 5 minutes walk away, but then again most live very close to the beach in Perth). Love your bikini and the random seagull pic too…lol 😉

    have a great week

  14. Marie-Louise says:

    yes i have been each day this weekend and loved every minute of it! I love the white on you! you look stunning

  15. Diana says:

    you look amazing! 😉

  16. Sarah K. says:

    that swimsuit is adorable, and I love your blue nail polish ahaha.

  17. Tamia says:

    Oh, that looks so fun! The only water I have access to is that of the (brownish) Ohio River–not exactly beachy.

    Style Sample Magazine

  18. alex says:

    can’t take my eyes of you 🙂

  19. Karen says:

    Cool. I’m glad you lot are getting some beach time in before Autumn hits!

    Tamia – sounds like you need to hit BLUE water soon!!? ; )

    Ashley – thanks I loved how that shot came out. I did a double take myself!

    Anika – I’m jealous.

    Lady bug/Paula – OMG you had Michael and me laughing our heads off.
    Just take what you can get. At least they all have the cute American accents over here, so just close your eyes.

    Carmela – Robert Moses.

    Lemon curry – love that name. I think you already emailed me on this ; )

  20. Jackie says:

    Hey Karen,
    I was THERE on Saturday and saw you guys taking pics! Gorgeous day, huh? You look amazing and the pictures are terrific!!

  21. Krystal says:

    youre in SD?? im up in la, let me know if you venture out 🙂

  22. Karen says:

    Jackie! – OMG you should have said something!!

    Krystal- I was in SD about 4 years ago on a west coast trip.

  23. Lemon Curry says:

    Thanks Karen! I’m a HUGE monty python fan lol.

    But I didn’t email you about the studs hun! I found your blog just a few days ago. A link would be appreciated about that if you’ve answered it before. I love it! 🙂

  24. Karen says:

    Lemon Curry – (I fancy an Indian every time I read that name), I did the studs by just using an exactor knife to make two slits in the fabric, then push the teeth of the studs through the holes and then bend the teeth into place with pliars.

    You can get the studs in bags from or ebay : )

  25. Fabulous Fashion Finds says:

    You are looking hot…..If you look this hot in a bathing suit, you will pretty much look hot in everything.

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