no more waiting

Tshirt: Thrifted. Shorts: DIY. Bag: Thrifted. Boots: Sam Edelman Zoe Boots. Rings: Street vendors. Cuffs: T&V
Finally got my grubby little hands on these bloody boots. I knew I should’ve got them years ago on Victoria Secrets. Thank God I didn’t get them on ebay for a jacked up price (I saw a couple go for over 1k. Ridiculous). Since I can’t make up my mind about anything, I went with one side harnessed.
Thanks to Akira in Chicago where I got these. RJ – thank you for sorting me out ; -) If anyone’s after a cool sales guy to help, he’s lovely. tel. 312 346 3034. There’s a few other select stores now that are selling them too.


  1. Allison says:

    im very jealous. im on the waitlist at LF stores do you think Akira is a better bet?

  2. Studded Hearts says:

    OMG! So jealous! You are gorgeous and your outfit is perfect!


  3. amanda says:

    they look fantastic! how comfortable are they?

  4. Anonymous says:

    They look great on you. Do they run true to size?

  5. carlyjcais says:

    I DIE. Can’t wait til the online places start selling to general peons like me.

    Love the shirt with them – kitsch and cute!

  6. Posh says:

    They look faboulous on you Karen, I think they are absolutely worth the waiting!

    Love this total look (like duh haha) and your photos are always stunning!


  7. Lion-ess says:

    love ur legs… what’s ur work out regime or is it just lots of walks in heels?

  8. cocorosa says:

    wow wow wow 🙂

  9. Karen says:

    amanda – dude – they are comfortable!!!!!! I was actually concerned that they’d pinch or squeeze or be too narrow. THey are just right.

    anon – yes they run TTS. I ordered my normal shoe size and my girlfriend did the same and we are both happy. RJ at Akira said that customers he noticed were buying their normal size.

    allison – depends on how far down you are in the list for either store? I don’t know how long the LF listing is or Akira. Ask RJ what the status is and compare between the two?

    Carly – Other online places include,, I think Zappos and Urban outfitters may be stocking them too?

    Lioness – I mostly have been doing the slim in 6 work outs. I haven’t done one in weeks though.

    Posh!!! – God the award!! Every time I see your post I think of it. LOL!! Not much good thinking of it instead of acting? ; ) I have to. Seriously. Yes, they were worth the wait.

  10. Anika says:

    love em! have coveted them as well but refused to pay the over 1k pricetag they were going for….now I have to wait for an online merchant to sell these so I can buy em overseas….thanks for the inspiration……nice 🙂

  11. Dominika says:

    love the boots <3! ^^

  12. Noiretta says:

    love the green color on you

  13. Lady Bug says:

    I love the “DOn’t blow your horn” sign picture… Who could resit with you walking past! ;o) Oh, and I still follow your blog…EVERY DAY! xx

  14. Allison says:

    the boots are sold out at AKIRA

  15. Anonymous says:

    I had the originals and sold them on eBay. I walk in heels ALL the time and I found them to be REALLY uncomfortable, but true to size!

  16. moded'amour says:

    love it, want your shoes

  17. Diana says:

    i love the 6th picture of you smiling! 🙂

  18. tina_mbc says:

    Holy wow! lol!

    The wait was totally worth it!
    Love how you wear them girl!


  19. ♥ fashion chalet says:


    don’t you just love ’em?

    I tuck mine back into their box every night I try them on lol 😉


  20. Alexandra says:

    How much did these cost? I’ve seen them on ebay recently for $500…I love them!

  21. caylee says:

    i don’t care how many people have them or how old they are…STILL amazing.
    and your thrifted tee and cutoffs look so badass with them.

  22. Elegant Unique says:

    i love these boots!! well done on the purchase!!

  23. Karen says:

    Alexandra – they range retail from 310 to 365 I believe.

    Caylee – 110% agreed.

    Lady Bug!!!! You are??? ps. Your pressie MUST get posted this coming week. Its been under my desk long enough!!

    Fashion Chalet – yep I def do…lol I can just see you doing that too.

  24. Damsels says:

    love those! you are lucky .. they look incredible yo wear them well

  25. Nika says:

    you look great Karen, you inspired me to wear shorts with boots 😉

  26. thischicksgotstyle says:

    Those shoes are truely great!
    And so is your outfit!

  27. Ola says:

    great legs btw:)

  28. Style Bird says:

    I LOVE this look and the look in the post below.

  29. solitaryraven says:

    oh my goodness!!!! Ive just checked out all the sites you have listed and they’re all sold out! I wish I knew about these sites earlier!!! I’m not on the long list of waiting people! T_T

    you have wonderful style and your photographs are always spot on! Do you take them yourself or do you have someone to help you out?

  30. solitaryraven says:

    ooh! another question..
    Do those shoes only come in full sizes? any half sizes? If they dont come in half sizes, do you think I should get the half size up?