Skirt worn as a dress: Vintage (Lolli). Belt: Lolli. Clutch: Random cheap NY shop. Shoes: Bebe
Here’s a rare moment: me in a Carrie-like number.
The boyfriend (not pictured) and I attended a wedding yesterday. I wore a vintage chiffon skirt worn as a dress and black suede belt. It wraps around the waist several times so I felt like I was wrapped in a black bandage.
I met up with Daria again who I did a fun photo shoot with here. Of course my mouth opened and tongue rolled out upon seeing her Rock & Republic platforms which zip up the back with a spike zipper pull.
ps. That’s not my boyfriend in this pic. It’s my friend RJ. Michael is behind the lens!


  1. WJ says:

    Wow, that’s very Carrie indeed, that colour looks so lovely against your skin tone. You should definitely wear more bluey-purple…haha. And your boyfriend and you look too cute together!

  2. Antonia says:

    Karen, you look so stunning-I think your hair looks best this way and brings out your features. I love that dress, it looks smashing with that belt, and that clutch looks more expensive than it is! I have to say again, your boyfriend really takes great photos…I love the one just above with the candles and flowers-the lighting is very romantic!! Hope you all had fun! πŸ™‚

  3. Diana says:

    you look amazing!

    what details (for the wedding) – i love that centerpiece!

  4. JC says:

    Wow…I love this outfit. I think its my favorite–more so because it was originally a skirt! love it!!! And love your friend’s heels. Have you SEEN the new (Nicholas Kirkwood for) Rodarte heels? A-MA-ZiNG.

    -Jane @

  5. Lions, Tigers and Fashion OH MY! says:

    your skirt/dress is sooo beautiful….that color is unbelievable and looks perfect on you. Very good choice for a wedding!

  6. SnakeCharmer says:

    Wow that color looks amazing on you…and I adore the idea of wearing a long skirt as a dress πŸ™‚

  7. The Barely Tattoo'd Artist says:

    The only thing I would say to make it even more Carrie Bradshaw-like is to add a statement flower…

    Interesting…my mom has a skirt like this she doesn’t wear and I’ve been playing around with ideas for…perhaps I should look at an idea like this…

  8. J.Yas says:

    hot shoes!

  9. InnyVinny says:

    That color is absolutely gorgeous on you.

  10. KLEE says:

    you look really sweet in that dress and i love daria’s heels!

  11. joannapple says:

    simple, charming and absolutely sexy! Love your shoes!! Amazing!

  12. agatiszka says:

    Soooo elegant!! I love your clutch!!

  13. Styleetbidous says:

    1 word… WOW! You’re so beautiful!!! This color suits you so well…


  14. Tom Tuttle from Tacoma says:

    you looked really really lovely. i don’t watch SATC so i don’t get the connection. Daria’s looking sharp.

  15. PUNKIE says:

    amazing! the color of your skirt-dress is stunning!!

  16. Fa'Shun Groupie says:

    I LOVE the skirt dress. Very clever! And the color is gorgeous. And I NEED those Rock and Republic shoes in my life. Those are “Haute” Your shoes are cute, too.

  17. Ms. Butterfly says:

    Wow I thought it was a dress, purely gorgeous and the shoes are killer.

  18. Laura E. says:

    Classsy ! So cute, .. & the hair! Lovely.

  19. JESSICA says:

    that color was made for you and i love the cinching of the waist with the extra long belt. i bet you’d work wonders with/in the AA le sac dress.

  20. Karen says:

    Thx everyone for the comments.

    Thank God it was a gorge day for it because I didn’t have a plan B outfit!

    K. x

  21. Daria says:

    Thank you for yet another wonderful weekend of fun πŸ™‚

  22. Ola says:

    The color of the dress is amazing!

  23. britnee says:

    you look gorgeous, dress is gorgeous, bag is gorgeous, shoes gorgeous. Such a simple outfit definitely one of my faves for you

  24. Ashley says:

    i love EVERYTHING about your look.

    and your hair looks amazing here as well.

  25. Daria says:

    ^^ those F21 shoes are really hot and they are similar!!!

  26. Karen says:

    Daria – you knew it would be! I had a great time and those damn shoes. OMG you need to wear them any time you and Gabe go out.

    Glenda – thanks! wow you are right. I wonder if F21 was doing a knock off?

    Jessica – I think I tried that dress on and kinda gave up in the dressing room. Too much work. LOL! Daria has it and makes it look amazing though.

  27. Lauren says:

    This whole set of photos is amazing, that periwinkle color looks fantastic on you.

  28. NICOLE says:

    I agree with Lauren- that periwinkle is simply glorious on you. Radiant!

  29. Kristin "Sunshine" Dabrowski says:

    I just saw this post, and I must say that I am floored! The color is amazing and I love how you paired it with the perfect black accessories! It’s simple yet still makes a statement! Very timeless and very well done! And your friend looks great too! I have my camera on a similar strap πŸ˜‰ Bravo!


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