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Cardigan: Abercrombie & Fitch. Leather jacket: Zara. Dress: Thrift. Boots: Doc Martens. Bag: Thrift (DIY studded). Lace camisole & Rings: LF
I layered up today. Big cardi over leather jacket over dress over tights.
These are my third pair of DMs (Doc Martens), my other two are black patent and navy blue (may sell the worn twice only navy pair if anyone wants em).
I think it stayed sort of cloudy all day so wearing floral DMs is enough to brighten things up a bit. People definitely do a double take when you wear these.
The mini dress I got a couple of days ago at a church thrift store. Can’t wait to wear em with heels to really change the feel.


  1. Diana says:

    oh i like!

  2. Nika says:


  3. nikky says:

    floral DM’s! perfection.

  4. K. Julien says:

    I have those docs! how much do you love them?

    YOU ARE WHAT YOU WEAR @ clothesarecute.blogspot.com

  5. Grace says:

    I’ve never commented though I love all your outfits. It’s just weird to comment on every post to say “I LOVE YOUR OUTFIT.” Hahha but I just have to say, I admire how you studded everything yourself including that bag since I just got some studs the other day and my hands hurt like mad from studding whatever I could get my hands on. Anyways, your posts are pretty amazing! (:

  6. Annabel says:

    i’ve been getting comments about my black docs! here in cali it seems nobody wears docs out, lol. wonder what would happen if i had bought those flowered ones!

  7. Bianca says:

    Honestly interested in the navy blue docs. any contact address?:) Or do u still want to think about it?

  8. Sophia and Mary says:

    love the cosby sweater + leather+dm

  9. Mila says:

    The most beautiful Docs I have ever seen!

  10. agatiszka says:

    Just love your dress and hair, sooooo nice!!


  11. KLEE says:

    love how you did your hair up, and the docs are awesome!!!!


  12. fashion doll says:

    woaw awsome outfit

  13. Posh says:

    Love Dr. Martens en these floral ones are gorgeous, you are gorgeous! 😉

  14. The Barely Tattoo'd Artist says:

    Everywhere I’ve looked for those Flower Docs are sold out…I’m thinking about just finding a pair and going at them with paint…

    Also, I love the dress and cardigan…fall is coming, and it works perfectly…

  15. Jacqueline says:

    wow, love the docs on you. the dress looks gorgeous too. great combo for fall. i like how you look with your hair back also =)


  16. Musty says:

    those docs are briliant!

  17. Dominika says:

    LOVE your boots and bag ^^! <3

  18. Jahayra says:

    I love all our posts, I don’t always comment but you have amazing taste! Love everythign you post, eevn when I am not crazy about a certain piece you make it look fabulous and so effortless!

  19. Neekoh says:

    I love everything about this outfit, from the layering to the boots to the studs on the purse. I’m jealous you get to be cold in September…

  20. sexyinthecity says:

    You looks so cute!!
    and love the boots!


  21. Jasmine says:

    I’m a HUGE fan of your blog! You’re style is my inspiration and you’re so beautiful! Anywho, juss wanted to say that.

  22. She's Gotta Have It says:

    I like the pulled back hair and natural face, it’s a little different for ya!

  23. Sarah says:

    If you don’t mind me asking how long ago did you get that sweater?

    I’ve been looking for one like that for awhile now.

    Thanks in advance

  24. WJ says:

    Cute Docs, I was thinking about getting the floral but ended up buying the all white Margiela-esque ones…will definitely be a change from wearing heels all the time. And I’m loving how you are wearing your hair now, very preppy and fresh!

  25. Sushi says:

    Love your docs! I’m watching a pair on ebay right now – fingers crossed I win them x Sushi

  26. Laura E. says:

    Soooo Edgy! The sweater + leather Jackets?! Unexpected and thrilling! Loves it.

  27. Ms.B says:

    No makeup and you are still gorgeous!

  28. Anonymous says:

    hi, are you still going to sell your navy blue docs and if so, what size are they?

    please let me know if you are planning on selling them.

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