on the cheap

Erin Wasson for RVCA. Leather lace up shorts. Retails over $200+
rvca_leather_shorts.230 bucks
ON THE CHEAP: Sex shop. Faux leather lace up shorts. Retail $40
Top shop. Sequin front and sleeved dress. Retail $170
ON THE CHEAP: Vintage thrift sequin dress. Retail $40
Christian Dior strapless leopard print dress. Retail: (More than I can afford).
ON THE CHEAP: Strapless leopard print dress. Forever 21: Retail $23
Bravo TV. Erin Wasson RVCA. Topshop
I noticed recently that a few things I bought have also been online (or television) in their designer version. The price tags are completely different as is I’m sure the quality, but I had to show you three for now.
News alert!! —> The killer leopard print dress on Taylor from The Rachel Zoe Project is 3.2 million times better than this Forever 21 version but at least I see what I would have picked had I had that kind of cash (or job). Until then, there are definitely cheap fixes around.
ps. If you follow me on Twitter here you already know that I upload in store cell pics of recent finds (including scores today – take a peak!) or I’ll show pics of steals I know others will want. (*waves to Sandee for scoring the same Stella McCartney wedges I posted on twitter for $150).
ps. Taylor if you plan on never using that dress again, send it to me will you?


  1. Damsels says:

    i love this post . .. i would love to see more of these

  2. Annabel says:

    haha i love how you found the shorts at a sex shop!!

  3. Annabel says:

    i love how you found the shorts at a random sex shop! i love it when things like that happen x

  4. agatiszka says:

    It’s so easy to be trendy πŸ™‚ Great idea!!

  5. bellas says:

    wow you’re so cool person! i love πŸ™‚

  6. Yuka says:

    i love this post!

  7. Moomby says:

    great finds, girl! i want to see more posts like this!…i can always use a little retail assistance.

  8. klee says:

    tt leather shorts is hot!


  9. Diana says:

    I love everything! πŸ™‚

  10. Anonymous says:

    i must comment at least once because i am a silent reader, just letting you know your blog is much appreciated, it’s one of my faves-u really do look great in everything, and you remind me of the singer mya. Love and support from East London!! xx

  11. Julia says:

    Wow, those are some great finds! I love finding cheap versions of designer pieces. I really love the sequin mini!

    This si the first time I’ve visited your blog and I love it…linking it!


  12. Antonia says:

    Karen, I loved this segment….it reminds me of the ‘Splurge vs. Steal’ that Marie Claire used to do….I can’t remember if they still do it, but thanks for doing that. I hope you do more of these as they come along-great idea!! Enjoy the long weekend. πŸ™‚

  13. miss_vogue says:

    amazing blog, and good find for that leopard dress!

  14. Anonymous says:

    I am a silent reader as well. Love your blog and style.

    Found it on youtube, when i was on there looking at people handbags collections. Love all of yours balenciagas and minkoffs as well.

    Do you buy all your bags on ebay? i havent seen the green balenciaga in the stores. It is amazing.

    Found about the fab trash and vaudeville from your youtube blog as well. So thanks for that.

    Love from Sweden

  15. caylee says:

    this goes to show that you can find amazing things without starving for it!

    you just have to do a little digging =)

  16. Karen says:

    Thanks guys. I agree you can find cheaper versions of alot of stuff really.

    Although Taylors dress is in a league of it’s own!

    Armor Jewellery – ; ))

    Anon 1 – omg hellooooo!! I know East London. I was in Bethnal Green before coming to NY! Glad you found me ; )

    Anon 2 – no I don’t buy my bags on ebay although having said that, I have bought some on ebay. Just not all. Some. Glad you like T&V too!

    Julia – thank you!! Yes I love that dress. Its wool so super warm for Autumn and winter.

    Moomby and Antonia – I actually agree. I’ll def try and do more posts like this. The Slurge vs Steal thing…

  17. ED says:

    LOVE the leather shorts, definitely going to buy one myself. The sequin dress is also great!

  18. Ms.B says:

    awesome concept….whats the point in spending a future on designer digs when you can find it for cheap in a F21 version or the actual in a thrift store…

  19. MizzJ says:

    Cool concept for a post! It’s so cool to find that you don’t need to break the bank to have great clothes.

  20. Jenny Cindy says:

    I’m loving your sequin mini dress!! So much prettier than the designer dress.

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