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Dress: Forever 21. Leather jacket: Trash and Vaudeville. Shoes: Minnetonka. Bag: Thrift DIY studded. Necklaces: Vintage & African shop.
If there’s one thing I like about living in America, is that they really celebrate Halloween and Autumn. The fall drives, the pumpkin picking, the hot cider, the dressing up for Halloween, the trick or treating (so bloody cute!) and decorating houses. I mean they REEEALLY go all out.
There’s none of that in London. Ask a stranger over there trick or treat and see what THAT gets you.
The drive today ended in getting two pumpkins. I wore my long dress with a cropped leather jacket that I got from the children’s section – a good way to get the shrunken look for cheap. I wore suede ankle fringed Minnetonkas. The lego brooch is from Dee and Ricky. Thank’s Dee ; )


  1. caylee says:

    ahh i need a maxi dress…tell me this one is new!

    looks like you had an amazing time at the orchard.

    we do go all out over here for autumn/halloween, but i wouldn’t have it any other way because i LOVE this time of the year.

  2. Karen says:

    Hi Caylee – ha! you caught me online as you commented ; ) I got the dress about 4 months ago I’m afraid : -/ I’ll keep my eyes open if I see a maxi like it.

  3. Brianna says:

    Caylee, Target had a similar one, it’s not online anymore, but you might be able to find it in the clearance section at your store. It has a racerback and came in black, heather gray, burgundy and hunter green. I hope Rosa doesn’t mind, but here is a link to her in it:

  4. Sarah K. says:

    mmm, i had frozen yogurt flavored like pumpkin pie the other day! Fall season is so much fun. I can’t wait for Halloween parties!

  5. Ara says:

    The first picture was stunning! I love long dresses and you looked so cool! 🙂

  6. Lainey says:

    Gorgeous, Gorgeous, Gorgeous! You’re like a princess walking through that pumpkin patch!

  7. PUNKIE says:

    wow that’s totally stunning! one of my favorite look ever! great!

  8. pernille says:

    I love the dress, it’s beautifull!

  9. Adela Coc says:

    the red heart is like the color dot on your outfit, amazing! I’m checking a lot of blogs, but you really have the proper style and attitude to do this. Congrats and looking forward to seeing more of you! 🙂

  10. Ola says:

    Lovely look and great pictures!

  11. Teresa says:

    Gorgeous maxi dress! Love the draping in the back. Yes, America does have its sweet traditions. I’m always looking forward to the fall and winter for the spiced ciders, pumpkin patches, and eggnog!

  12. The Style Strutter says:

    AMAZING photos!!! Love the colour:)!! So autumnal!!

  13. Fashion&Such says:

    wow i adore this outfit sooo much.
    I love getting things from the kids section, always cuter & cheaper!

    aha, i’m finding the whole pumpkin thing strange too, nobody in the UK does this!

  14. haute.teapot says:

    I love all the pumpkins and Halloween is my favorite…can’t wait to dress up this year for the parties! I hope you carve some pumpkins. ; )

  15. Lori says:

    this reminds me of ashley olsen. so chic, i love it all and that heart pin is adorable

  16. Rae- Sea of Style says:

    i love the look of a leather jacket over a maxi dress.

  17. Farrah @ Distrikmode says:

    Long clingy maxi with a leather jacket? GORGEOUS!!

    Brilliant styling here Karen, and the pumpkin background is just so freakin adorable!

    And omg I totally didn’t know yall don’t have trick or treating back in london??!! The kids are missing out!! I used to have such a blast dressing up in costumes to go get candies! 🙂


  18. Dylana says:

    Love that amazing jacket! Such cute pic! LOVE

  19. Antonia says:

    AMAZING photos. Love your outfit and the fall scenery is beautiful – my favorite time of year. Adding you to my blogroll – you’re perfection!

  20. WildFlower says:

    Hey! Damn girl i haven’t seen your blog before, you have got some seriously cool style going down. This shoot with the pumpkins is adorable and so good to see a maxi dress, im making one at the moment. Leather jacket from kids section…thats bloody genius, cheers for the tip!

  21. Krystal says:

    love it K x

  22. sofia says:

    hey karen do you have a shopblog? if so what is the link thanks (^_^)y

  23. Karen says:

    Thank you Erika – Ill have to get the translator thing on to read it : )

    sofia – I will very soon!!!! I’m working on it now.

    Antonia – damn! thank you v much.

    Wildflower – no problem.

    Thanks everyone for your comments. I love long dresses like this. They are so timeless and it’s easy dressing. Nothing to really think about.

  24. emma says:

    i love that maxi dress!

  25. noirohio vintage says:

    GREAT post! Halloween/autumn is my favorite time of the year & I love the photos of you in the pumpkin patch with such a simple yet chic look.

  26. Francheska says:

    yet another perfect outfit.. I love the carelessness in this…
    maxi dress paired with leather jacket… and in between all those pumpkins.. you kinda look like a modern day rock version of cinderella

  27. Karen says:

    Thanks Emma, N Vintage and Francheska!!

    Funny. I was looking at the first picture and it reminds me of when actress Sig Weaver in Aliens enters that room full of Alien eggs….

  28. Mariela Sarkima says:

    Hi Karen! I love that photo of you walking in the middle of pumpkins! I added it to my blog,, with a link to your blog! My blog is in finnish, so here’s a rough translation about the text: “Karen is a stylish English girl who now lives in the big apple. Her blog is full of beautiful pics and clothes.”
    Have a great Halloween-weekend!

  29. Karen says:

    Mariela – awww thank you!!!

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