buy one. get one free

Leather jacket: Zara. Faux fur vest: Forever 21. Boots: Topshop. Winter leggings: American Apparel. TShirt: Thrift Bag: Thrift DIY Studded. Black bracelet: Dog collar wrapped around wrist & Silver stud bracelet, skull rings: Random NY shops/street vendor
This must be my fave leather jacket since I reach for it the most. The cropped faux fur vest you have seen me wear before. I really like wearing it layered over leather, but I also like wearing it alone without a jacket like this post here.
The trick to wearing t-shirts now is to make sure they are layered underneath with thermals (ski thermals is another good one to try). Plus a scarf always helps (not pictured – it’s the same old Love Quotes one). The black bracelet is actually a dog collar (no it’s not used, Oliver has his own). I also like wrapping it around my boots sort of like this.
Ok so listen to this story: Not sure if you read my twitter last week, but my girlfriend bought these same thigh high Topshop boots worn in this post but after a month, hers never delivered. So she contacts Topshop who decides to mark it as lost and they refund her. A few days later, her boots arrived. So she has these boots too but for free!!

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