one man’s trash…

I took this mens wool blazer:
If only this toggle coat was a couple of sizes smaller…
I fell in love with this furry animal print hand held bag. Perfect trash glam.
Skull jumper: Trash & Vaudeville. Crochet dress: H&M. Leggings: American Apparel. Shoes: ASH. Fedora: Trash & Vaudeville. Chain strap bag: Boutique lower east side.
So yesterday was a drizzly grey day so what do I do? Throw on anything and go shopping at a local thrift shop for some bargains. I wore my crochet dress under a jumper for added length and girlyness (is that a word?). I posted wearing it here during the summer.
The wedges are from ASH (bought on sale) and is another item to cross off the ‘current obsession’ post I did here. They’re not like Mary Kate’s in that post, but the platform wedge is there so it’ll do. I found these here but I would need a 41 I’m sure.
PS. Speaking of shopping, my shop is now open!! Click on the black shopping bag on the left. As a thank you, I am offering a permanent 10% off to all those following my blog via Blog Lovin’. To those wanting the discount, just click on the ‘follow’ icon/button to become a follower and receive the discount. (Please read details on the SHOP blog).
pps. Only a few shoes have been added but clothes, coats and bags will follow over the next few days.


  1. lisa @ luxe says:

    love the skull sweater! oooooohhhh, can’t wait to see the shop!


  2. confessions of a marc addict. says:

    i love the way you paired leggings, with socks over them, and then the wedges. so perfect;

  3. Tom Tuttle from Tacoma says:

    congrats on the shop and those thrift scores. the man’s jacket is old skool and reminds me of my pendletons. you could add an elbow patch.

  4. Teresa says:

    I totally thought your sweater was Lucien Pellat Finet! I’m definitely going to have to check out Trash & Vaudeville the next time I visit NY!

  5. Dylana says:

    Love your grungy look here! Sounds like a perfect day!

  6. Tayler says:

    Is another mans treasure, i think im gonna change my life motto to that. stunning pictures

  7. C'est Laura says:

    love the shoes with the grey socks!
    the blazer on the 4th picture is amazing!!

  8. Dominika says:

    omg, your outfit is amazing!
    i really love your socks <3! ^^

  9. Mila says:

    I love your jumper,it is so perfect,the color,the print…LOVE IT!

  10. Vali says:

    Oh how I wish I were the same size as you! You seriously have amazing shoes…

  11. Joan D. says:

    That skull jumper is really amazing! Wow! Hate we dont have one Trash & Vaudeville here in Spain!

    Congrats for the look! Love it!

  12. All Women Stalker says:

    Oh you’d have looked cute in the toggle coat. Too bad.


  13. Anonymous says:

    Love the sweater, everything else is ridonkulous! lol

  14. Kb says:

    Whereabouts is this cool thrift store? It looks amazing! I’d like to know as I’m moving to NYC in 7 weeks, e-mail me at iwantyoutoknowit(at)googlemail(dot)com to keep things private.

  15. tiny-lights says:

    Will you swap links with me? I love your blog!!! 🙂

    I am on Twitter too, if interested (I added you to my favorite list)


    ,. x

  16. Taylor Sterling says:

    Great post Kren! I love your pictures! The socks make the outfit!

  17. tiny-lights says:

    just added yours to my list of TASTE-MAKERS 🙂

    , > x

  18. Moomby says:

    love the sock with the wedges! good luck with the new shop!

  19. gemma says:

    you actually just reminded me of the coat i wanted in urban and i just checked the site to show the link… and OH NO its sold out!

    not a good day. dam you money not being in my bank!

    oh well at least you got a goodn’

  20. Karen says:

    Tom Tuttle – I have another jacket with elbow patches ; )

    Thanks guys. I have a serious love for ankle socks with heels. Always have. Makes wearing open toe anything 10 x easier when its not 80 degrees outside anymore.

    K x

  21. Karen says:

    Thanks Maya. Another sock/sandal fan ; )

  22. Anonymous says:

    OMG Karen, I love your sweater!!


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