rolling stones part 2

Blazer: Bebe. Skinnes: Zara. Sheer T: Express: Hat: H&M. Boots: Emma Cook. Bag: Thrift DIY studded. Shades: Ray Ban. Rings: LF & W store, Nail polish: Sally Hansen “Pixel Pretty”
I’m back to front with my posting: The boyfriend and me went out for a while before attending that Saturday evening wedding I just posted about.
When getting dressed and shoving tangled hangers around in my wardrobe (yes yes yes I know I need to post the Part 2 video tour), I caught a glimpse of the snake skin skinnies and put them on.
I got them during Zara’s 70% off summer sale and wore them here with a neon crop top. When it gets colder, I’ll wear them with oversized black jumpers (sweaters).
The blazer with faux leather sleeve panels is from Bebe. I had the assistant remove it from the mannequin in their shop window since it was the last one.
I returned the floppy hat bought recently at Bloomingdales and took this one from H&M instead for more than half the price. Told you I hated department stores.


  1. Sarah K. says:

    snake print leggings! I love them! I just made a post about my own 😀

    I got mine from express but I have to say, i think I like the print on those Zara ones better.

    great outfit!

  2. Tayler says:

    that color looks gorgeous on you!! love the floppy hat <3

  3. Phyllis says:

    dang girl your legs are amazingg. and i love the floppy hat =) yay H&M!

  4. Lainey says:

    I love that pop of color you put into the outfit! Absolutely gorgeous!

  5. Ola says:

    Fantastic shade of blue!

  6. Farrah @ Distrikmode says:

    Chica you look so chic here!! Those pants are just FIRE!! I saw them when they first came out in ZARA and I was immediately attracted!

    Btw I especially adore the first and last photos!


  7. Dominika says:

    love the whole look <3!
    those shoes are to die for! ^^

  8. Girl in the loft says:

    WOW! I LOVE the shoulders on that blazer and the freakin’ hot leggings. loveeeeee this look on you.

  9. Meho says:

    epic tights!! and i love the color of your tee with them!

    Meho xx

  10. PUNKIE says:

    fab, fab, fab, you look fatastic! love this boots so much!

  11. xoxo, alizée says:

    i just discovered this blog, and i totally love it! the hat is great!

  12. Jacqueline says:

    the snakeskin leggings look amazing on you. one of my favorite things that you have and I remember catching a glimpse of them on your video and wishing you would wear them soon! xoxo

  13. C'est Laura says:

    the legging and shoes are amazing!! xo

  14. zoey says:

    i adore this outfit. Those boots are totaly amazing. 🙂

    zoey x

  15. Izzy says:

    Hahaha 🙂 You know you’re a true Brit when you’re living in New York and still calling sweaters jumpers! 🙂
    Really off topic, but I remember you talking about Big Mo or Pat Butcher in a previous thread, and if you still fancy watching Eastenders, bbc has a website called I think where you can watch catch up episodes
    Izzy xx

  16. Yssis says:

    wauw love your outfit! its really nice, especially the blazer!

  17. All Women Stalker says:

    I could have sworn that is the same hat. But congrats on the savings. 😀


  18. caylee says:

    i’m still in love with those pants! and gosh, if you didn’t style them perfectly again =)

  19. Karen says:

    Annabel – i agree. the other animal print (well leopard really) is everywhere but snake skin to me is and always will be so damn cool too.

    All Women Stalker – they are v similar. The Bloomies one is trimmed with a thin bow (didn’t like) and it wasn’t as um… floppy as this one.

    Haute Tee – bargain!!

    Caylee – aww thank you!

    Jacqueline – ha! I saw that same glimpse too hence putting them on ; )

    Thanks to EVERYONE for your comments!!!!!!!

    Karen x

  20. Fashion Chalet says:

    THOSE boots
    THE bag
    THAT hat
    YOUR nails!!!


  21. african beauty says:

    very sexy outfit,
    specially those snake print legs.

  22. RedHeadFashionista says:

    Love them boots, thought they were Emma Cook immediately.

  23. Neekoh says:

    Love everything about this outfit, especially the pants.

  24. Lowe says:

    Love those skinnies! Hudson is coming out with a pair similar.
    xoxo Lowe

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