DIY shortened dress: Forever 21. Parka: Gap. Boots: Doc Martens. Cardigan: Vince. Bowler: Topshop. Large ring: Fashionology. Bag: Thrift (DIY studded). Belt: (Can’t remember!). Nail Polish: Pixel Pretty by Sally Hansen.
It rained all day Sunday and brunch was the only time I left the house.
I wore the parka over a Forever 21 polka dot dress that I slashed from below the knee into a mini. (Got the dress a year ago ish).
You know the floral Docs already. I wore them the last time with the American Apparel leggings here. I think the Docs are one of my fave boots to wear when it’s raining for stomping around in. I should’ve posted the pic of me jumping into one of the huge puddles ;- )
Do you lot only wear rubber wellies when it rains or something else? Patent leather would work too I’d think…


  1. fadetoblack says:

    hello brooklyn how you doing?
    awesomely lovely as usual!++

  2. Toni says:

    Your so gorgeous!
    When it rains here, I just wear my Sperry’s and avoid all deep puddles.

  3. Phyllis says:

    i totally had that dress and just sold it!! you look beautiful in these pics – love the makeup

  4. Lesley says:

    I want those shoes.

  5. leflassh. says:

    boots are so good.

  6. Dylana says:

    I love your parka and have been looking for the perfect on like this!

  7. michelle says:

    i like this, it’s youthful and effortless.
    your hair looks fantastic in this btw.

    btw, where did you get your tights? ive been looking for thickish sweater tights like that

  8. InnyVinny says:

    I’m always in Docs when it rains. Always.

  9. Studded Hearts says:

    I think everyone needs a pair of boots to stomp around in rainy days ๐Ÿ™‚

    Studded Hearts

  10. Emm says:

    These photos make me wish it was winter.
    Its summer here in aus and pretty much a total heat wave today.

    Love the tights!

    Visit me sometime =) –

  11. Carlotta says:

    lovely and comfy love it!

  12. Mila says:

    What a stunning look!!!!
    I am crying over those dr.Martens ๐Ÿ™‚

  13. Astรฉrisque says:

    wow… those shoes! omg! they make the outfit very special and great!

  14. sioux says:

    how cute you are! You have the ability to make glamorous and trendy any kind of clothing. This style in particular seems very close to the European taste of dressing, very french style! Love it!

  15. The Queen of Hearts says:

    Gosh, I miss Brooklyn (but we’ll be together again this Friday, can’t wait can’t wait). I had some of the best memories of my life there (and some of the worst) but I wouldn’t trade them for anything. When I move back to the New York, that is definitely where I am setting up camp but not in Williamsburg — that place is for visiting and passing through, lol.

    If you are talking about Hunter Wellington’s then I’d say they are over and done with. 2008-2009 sufficiently played those rubbers out. I mean, don’t get me wrong, I love(d) them but honestly, carrying 10lbs of rubber when the rain has passed (not to mention finding a bag tall enough to fit them in) is a pain. I blogged about some Sperry’s I recently got and they are an excellent replacement:

    They are totally rad. Not only are they lightweight but they are insulated too. And I agree (or confirm, whatever) that patent leather works just as well in the rain. My Sperry’s are patent as well as my Docs. Out with the old and in with the new for 2010. Alright I’m done rambling, hope you enjoy late night espresso ramblings!

  16. The Queen of Hearts says:

    Oh and two more things:

    1) Are you a member of Because they have this sort of sister site called “Jet Setter” and they offer loads of awesome travel options to some pretty amazing places around the world. Definitely worth checking out.

    2) My ex-boyfriend lived in the building next to Stiles. I’d see her like twice a week when she was home. She lives in the East Village. She’s much prettier in person (I think).

  17. Carrie says:

    Funny you should mention it, for NYC rainy days I wear patent leather booties. They are 5.5 inchers but they get the job done.

  18. Ariana says:

    this look is great!good jjob on the dress;)

  19. The Fashion Cloud says:

    Always stunning!! Love the dotted dress.


  20. Tigeren aka Chau says:

    My flower docs are also one of my favorites boots to wear when it is rainy …
    and my green hunter boots comes as second fave.

    I just brought the black docs with 10 holes, I cant wait till they come…yippeee!


  21. Posh says:

    Really love this look, the Dr. Martens are so cool and cute! <3

    Karen, which size do you got in the Sam Edelman’s? I thought you weare a EU41/UK8 normally and you’ve got the Sam Edelmans in US10/EU40? Cause maby then I fit US9 in these great wedges, I wear normally UK7/EU40.. Hope you can help me, thank you allready! <3

  22. tina_mbc says:

    Such a cute outfit, I think I ‘d call it “casual cute”!!! ๐Ÿ™‚
    Love how well the hat matches this outfit too! ๐Ÿ˜‰


  23. ingunn says:

    Love your shoes! I envy your sense of style, really. I want those shoes!

  24. kim J says:

    i actually heard that these docs specifically shouldn’t be worn in the rain because of the decals so I avoid the rain with mine. I love how comfy you make them look, they look awesome with your outfit.

    Clothes Are Cute
    Clothes Are Cute

  25. Posh says:

    Thank you for your fast reply! Are your Zoe boots not too small then (?) cause I read all over the internet that they are true to size, I think I just pick the US9 and hope they fit right..

    I have ordered the leather tigh high boots yesterday again, again very low stock (two in my size) but I really hope my order goes well this time!

  26. Joan D. says:

    Precious boots! Wow! I want one of those! And that spot dress is lovely! Nice outfit as usual!