the calm before….

Jacket & beaded dress: Zara. Crochet dress & Scarf: Thrifted. Bag: Thrifted (DIY studded). Boots:
It’s warming up again in New York because the snow is coming this weekend. (Temperatures rise approx 48 hours before snow falls), so assume I’ll be doing a blog post wearing the exact opposite to the above very soon.
For now, I layered a crochet dress under a sheer black beaded dress found on clearance at Zara. (I’ve noticed I like layering two dresses into one). The black dress has beads falling off and a torn v-neck opening which = perfect (to me).
I haven’t posted wearing these metal heeled boots for a while. Last time you saw me in them was here during the summer. (ps. I’m listing that black Wang bag in that summer post in a day or two in my shop *sniff*).


  1. Jacqueline says:

    I adore the layering, but I especially like that you chose tan/beige boots instead of black. Makes the outfit really different and unique. xoxo

  2. lisa @ luxe says:

    ohhh, the tan wang bag, love that and your camel day bbag – want that sooooo bad!


  3. pauline says:

    i love the look of the layered longer skirts with the tights and boots- definitely inspiring.

  4. confessions of a marc addict. says:

    i love the layering you have going on. and i also love the creepers in the background watching you shoot! haha.

  5. Lissa says:

    Love those boots 😀

  6. my favorite colour is shiny says:

    i love this look. so beautiful and of the moment!

  7. Tayler says:

    this is so perfect, i am in love with the entire look <3

  8. Dylana says:

    One of my favorite looks of yours! WOW. The layering two dress idea is genius! You look wonderfully chic!

  9. Auburn Not Red says:

    I love browsing urbanog’s site for shoes. I can’t justify buying them, though. How do I hide them from my husband? haha

  10. fadetoblack says:

    very cool Karen..
    smokin hot as usual!


  11. khdz says:

    those are some awesome shoes 🙂
    i love the laces on them, and the metal heel is killer.

  12. Ola says:

    Fantsatic street pictures!

  13. Sandra says:

    love it all!!
    enter to win my GIVEAWAY!


  14. Dominika says:

    love your boots!
    great look ^^!

  15. The Gold Mosaic says:

    I have to say i have enjoyed your outfit posts more these last few days, they seemed more like your own… not saying your unoriginal its just sometimes there is this universal blogger style going round… and i think you have excellent taste all on your own… take more risk its cool…x

  16. sioux says:

    yeah! another great look, beautiful!

  17. Francheska says:

    so jealous of the upcoming snow! so so jealous!!!!!
    The picture before the last one is kinda funny cus those 2 women are staring at your shoes LOL! i love them btw!!!

  18. em says:

    who takes all these pictures of you? a professional photographer or a friend or something? I love that you update your blog every day, and always so good pics!

  19. dee says:

    huh, never knew that fact about temperatures rising before snow! no wonder it was so nice out today…love the layered look.

  20. C'est Laura says:

    haha see the women look at you on the 7th photo! they’re so jealous!! 😉 love your outfit! xo

  21. Fashion Chalet says:

    I love those booties. Have mine in black. Love the beige so much though! 🙂

    Tell M he’s amazing with the camera.


  22. rosalita fashionista says:

    love your two dresses, they are so beautiful layered together!

  23. Ca S. says:

    i’m in love whit your looks… u are always beautiful…. xo

  24. ANA MATTOS says:

    The boots are fabulous!!! The oufit is awesome <3

  25. Antonia says:

    I love these heels! So perfect for fall!
    The pic of the ladies checking out your fabulous footwear is too cute!
    x A


  26. Suzanne says:

    love the boots:)!

  27. Raych says:

    Love the layering in this outfit! In fact, I love all of your outfits! Just stumbled on your blog and I love it! 🙂

    Care to exchange links?

  28. zoey says:

    My god those boots are just stunning!

  29. ♥♥♥Oana Roxana ♥♥♥ says:

    I have a scarf like that,with a bit silver on it…
    The dress,I mean both of them are totally great.

  30. Nika says:

    great shoes!

  31. Nathalie says:

    I love the dress(es). Also adore your pictures, they are just so charming.

  32. Anonymous says:

    Would you ever consider cutting your hair and/or switching up your makeup? I feel like the posts are getting repetitive and need something, or at least for people with real opinions other than “I love you” and “you’re beautiful.”

  33. Fashion Monstre says:

    the pictures and outfit is beautiful! i love how those women are looking at you so intriguingly

  34. Antonia says:

    I love the layering Karen. This whole outfit looks great together-who would think to layer two dresses?? What a cool effect that is. Everytime I go to Zara to shop for a real leather jacket they only have the faux leather available so far. You certainly got your money’s worth on that jacket!! 🙂

  35. Zanah says:

    I really like your boots… especially the neutral color! You look sweet standing in front of Starbucks 🙂 Mon Mode Blog

  36. Karen says:

    Jacqueline – thanks. Too much black with black ankle boots I thought ; )

    Lions, Tigers and Fashion – dang thank you! I’lll tell Michael you said that.

    The Gold Mosiac – thank you. DO you find bloggers dressing alike?

    Fashion Chalet – I didn’t know you had them too!!???

    Thanks everyone for the comments. The dress layering thing came about from lack of hangers lol! I had the dresses sharing one hanger and I liked the look I saw with them layered.

    Anon – I’ll cut my hair and change my make up when I feel like it thank you very much (which I do). As for comments left, you can take up your issues directly with those who’ve left those comments no? I’m sure they’d be happy to hear from you to discuss.