the calm before….

Jacket & beaded dress: Zara. Crochet dress & Scarf: Thrifted. Bag: Thrifted (DIY studded). Boots:
It’s warming up again in New York because the snow is coming this weekend. (Temperatures rise approx 48 hours before snow falls), so assume I’ll be doing a blog post wearing the exact opposite to the above very soon.
For now, I layered a crochet dress under a sheer black beaded dress found on clearance at Zara. (I’ve noticed I like layering two dresses into one). The black dress has beads falling off and a torn v-neck opening which = perfect (to me).
I haven’t posted wearing these metal heeled boots for a while. Last time you saw me in them was here during the summer. (ps. I’m listing that black Wang bag in that summer post in a day or two in my shop *sniff*).

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