Fur jacket & leather waistcoat: Thrift. Dress & Capelet: H&M. Gloves: Street vendor. Fedora: London men’s shop. Bag: Forever 21. Shoes: Balenciaga
We met up with a couple of friends yesterday and who told me NOT to check the weather? It was so mild, I ended up shedding half my bloody clothes. Jacket gone. Gloves gone. Leo scarf gone. Waist coat gone. Fedora gone.
Second time round in the Balenciaga heels and I have to say that they are walkable because of the huge platform to take away some of the heel height. Don’t get me wrong, I wouldn’t sprint in them, but they aren’t that bad. First time worn was last week at night (without a camera).
In my weird mind, these sort of remind me of space age Birkenstocks.

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