did it once do it twice?

Poncho: Miu Miu. Long wool dress: Thrift. Jeans: Uniqlo. Boots: All Saints. Ski hat: JCrew. Bag: Thrift (DIY studded). Shades: Ray Ban. Crucifix: Fashionology.
F**king cold yesterday in Soho. Layered up with wool polo neck jumpers, winter leggings under jeans and (another) long dress. The poncho was a recent consignment find. I’ve been after a fringed one for a while. Remember?
The All Saints are my fave boots. Ever. Like a stranger who once told me that she wears the same boots into the ground, I’m doing it too. I should buy another pair and dye them in dark red or something.
What have you bought two of that you loved that much and do you even use them??


  1. Natalie Wall: Fashion Bites says:

    Loving your layers! Inspired by your good self, one of my new year’s resolutions is to get DIY studding on my own bags and boots; yours always look fab. Do let me know any tips, yeah?

    Oh, and the boots rock: spotted many a London lass working that style =total shoe envy *sigh*
    Natalie xxx

  2. Studded Hearts says:

    it sucks having the opposite weather.
    your outfit makes me want to layer and layer.

    those boots are just perfect and so good in brown..


  3. Fashion Chalet says:

    The booties I met you in! 🙂

    I bought two pairs of sneakers once in high school in 2 colors and never wore one of them, (because I didn’t want to smudge ’em) so i ended up giving them away to my cousin later on..


  4. b.entrance says:

    Love the layering here! The beanie and the bag are so cool!
    Mmmh, I just got in mind now AA tees, I think I got it in almost every colors, love them!


  5. alison says:

    incredible boots!

  6. Carolina says:

    i freakin love your red DIY studded satchel!!

  7. Stacy says:

    love the bag; and buying another pair of boots and dyeing them would be great! I agree with the dark red or even a deep purple?

    And for me, I bought a simple pair of black converse high top chuck taylors. DESTROYED them to the point they were cutting the back of my ankles. Haven’t thrown them out though!

  8. Sarah K. says:

    you are definitely the queen of layering!

    and yay for the uniqlo jeans: i have a pair of uniqlo skinnies in grey and i’m so happy with them, I think I might buy another pair in black

  9. Ernest B. says:

    Absolutely love the poncho! It’s a little cold here in FL if you can believe it, 40 out, so I’ve been able to pull out my winter lovelies! I absolutely love my Levi 510 Super Skinny jeans. I wear them everyday, and I mean, everyday.


  10. Angela says:

    I love how you layer your clothes! Your pictures are always amazing and I love those boots.

    I usually run most of my boots into the ground.

  11. Angela says:

    Okay btw….I really want to get your boots!!!! xoxo

  12. The Sound of Lace says:

    I’m pretty bad about buying something and loving it and going back for more. The most recent are some black ankle boots I wear ALL the time. I went back and got 2 MORE pairs….another in black and a pair in light grey. So glad I did it! I wear the grey ones all the time but I’m saving the black ones for when I wear out the original ones.
    Great layering as always! At least the sun is out…..;)


  13. Dylana says:



  14. Francheska says:

    I have a very similar poncho in black!!!!!! I love the red bag with this outfit!!!

    I bought 2 of the same blazers from Topshop once… a black and a white one! wear them ALL the time! 🙂 cant wait to go shopping in london wooohooo xx

  15. cocorosa says:

    Oh yes!! the all saints are the best, I’m in London right now and loving it too much, haha, I just got out of the all saints as we speak, got some sweet boots!! I was drooling at these ones too plus they have another pair I really dig, and omg their leather jackets!!! I could have shopt they whole all saints empty!! foodies here are sooooo good too!! Man wish you were here we would have had a blast!

    much love

  16. All Women Stalker says:

    I always buy two of basic stuff that are just perfect. Like tank tops and such 🙂 I love those boots, too.

  17. Camilla says:

    Love it! xxx


  18. Soooali says:

    I think your hair really suits you curly, you carry it off really well. Seems to fit in with your personality!

  19. rosalita fashionista says:

    I love this outfit! the poncho is fab, and your boots look so wonderfully worn-in!

  20. redheadfashionista says:

    I bought some little lace-up booties from Topshop in brown a la Claire in The Breakfast Club, then in black. The black ones are so worn that the laces are breaking and the leather is stripping off the heels. The brown ones have never been worn 😛

  21. Allegra says:

    love that outfit. love your blog. just read your interview on LA Mimi. loved it!

  22. fadetoblack says:

    Prob my loose AA tee’s because i like them er loose but after one trip to the laundrette (yes laundrette)
    they come back smaller….hmm
    hence me going out and purchasing even more!

    and yes i agree its bloody cold!!

  23. Diana says:

    I love how stylish you look in the cold. I looked like the abominable snow-woman! LOL!

  24. HellOnHeels says:

    1st off, let me say you have WICKED style. In fact, I’m diggin it so much, I just may end up in China. And to answer your question, bebe had these silk/satin blend boyfriend blazers in black and dusty rose. I copped both. The black one gets a little more play in my rotation, but I plan on bustin out the dusty rose one with everything else in all black.

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