in the changing room

Some stuff I picked up at H&M this afternoon on sale/clearance.
The Rodarte inspired jumper is $20 and the body con ‘ice cream’ dress mirrors the soft nude shades coming up this spring/summer ($20 and can be worn strapless). The grey leggings (worn with the ‘Rodarte’ jumper) look like skinny jeans with ankle zips.
The leopard tunic (full price) was from the men’s section. Good now over skinnies and ankle boots and later as a mini dress in spring/summer with leather thong metallic sandals.
The black fishnet jumper looks and feels like a mix of rubber and suede. (Love the transparency. Pictured here with a long tank underneath).
The long dress was a watched item for weeks so I caved when it finally went on sale.


  1. TiKeDi says:

    I love the “ice cream” dress on fits your body like a glove. great buys.

  2. StyleStruck says:

    Dear stylish woman,
    you know your stuff. That tan/grey dress is heaven on you. I also hope you bought the black fishnet jumper, it was perfection.

    xo StyleStruck

  3. Studded Hearts says:

    damn i wish they had h&m in aus.

  4. DISTRIKMODE says:

    Damn those prices are rockin’! Seems like you’ve got the perfect selections right there. And StyleStruck is right — that ice cream dress is HEAVEN on you!

    I’m also adoring that black fishnet jumper!!


  5. Katie says:

    the ice cream dress is my absolute favorite!

  6. Sasha says:

    I love all your new stuff and of course you look lovely in it.

  7. Laura Gerencser says:

    Love the first sweater and that blue dress!! Amazing!!

  8. Eli says:

    H&m sale is driving me crazy! now Zara is on sale, and Victorias Secret is too.

  9. Ashley says:

    The H&M out here in SoCal has an entirely different stock. Wish I was in NY…

  10. moni says:

    the ice cream dress look ugly on the hanger but hot on you….great buy…

  11. Tiffany says:

    I like the black dress.

  12. caylee says:

    the bustier dress fits you like a glove! seriously, it looks incredible.
    i’d own it too if my store carried trend. and i don’t know WHY we didn’t get the rodarte-esque knitted sweater – because we carry that label, divided red. ARG!!!

  13. Angela says:

    Wow!!! I did not see any of that over here at the H&M by me! What the hell!!!! I love all of it…especially that nude dress!!!! Love it!

  14. Tayler says:

    ooh im loving the second dress <3

  15. cat says:

    oh the black knitted sweater is awesome! and the dress fits you beautifully

  16. Violeta says:

    I was just at the h&m in soho but I guess I didnt hit the sales rack very hard! or else I would have walked out with both of the jumpers you bought. But after spending 2 hrs on topshop’s sale floor..I was BEAT!