beam me up scotty

Dress: Vintage. Shoes: Jeffrey Campbell “Clinics”. Bag: Balenciaga. Hat: H&M. Black wool dress (Unseen): H&M. Parka: GAP
I’ve been wearing these space age shoes (my nick name for them) a lot since I bought them on sale at LF. They are literally beyond comfortable and get the most looks and spontaneous conversations from strangers more than any shoe I’ve ever worn. (During this shoot two girls asked me where did I get them).
To avoid freezing, I layered one of my fave vintage dresses over a black wool polo neck dress. (You remember when I wore this dress belted with a fur jacket here?). I doubled up on the tights again and wore the wool beanie (gasp! no fedora!?).
Melting snow is everywhere so the drops on the dress were inevitable. Welcome to New York winters….

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