all change

Robe: Thrift. Jumper: H&M. Leggings: American Apparel. Boots: All Saints. Wedges: Bebe. Bag: LF. Shades: Yoko Ono re-release by Porsche. Necklace: Foley & Corinna
So last weekend I left the house in the usual All Saints but the warm day meant hoofing it back to switch to sandals, so I went the opposite (vertically) and wore the big wedges. (For those who’ve asked, they are comfy. Try getting them at the store since black online are now sold out).
When I found this cheap long dressing gown robe thing I knew I HAD TO HAVE IT to wear as a long layer (I snipped off the waist ties). Underneath I wore the fishnet jumper and leggings and tied my crochet shawl scarf on the waist (which I ended up taking off anyway).

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