catching up

Top: American Apparel. Denim shorts/Nails: Urban Outfitters. Boots: Vintage Frye. Bag: Vintage DIY studded. Lips: Show Orchid by MAC. Shades: Ray Ban
Last Saturday was spent with friends who were in NY for one day so we hit two restaurants and walked around our fave spots looking for random cheap stone rings from street vendors on St Marks (I found one, it’s the blush stone next to my large green stone but I’ll return for one in black).
You saw me post this long cardi before here. I want to wear it over everything.
ps. Re the double mirror aviator shot: Neither of us knew the other had them on until we saw each other.
pps. One of the restaurants we ate at was a teeny British caff in the village. That’s a treacle pud and custard shot people. Sa-li-vate.


  1. hiyaluv says:

    totally jealous about the britt cafe!
    smiles, gina

  2. basho says:

    Cardi is awesome — and I need some pud!

  3. Nikki Ashley says:

    Love what you did with the bag!

  4. Li says:

    Love the outfit, and the rings are to die for!

  5. sandra says:

    oh God, you look fabulous!.. as you always do.
    and I love that that cardigan on you.

    and oh, can’t believe that it really is warm enough to wear shorts over there!
    I’m so jealous.

  6. DISTRIKMODE says:

    I like this one… basic colors, with pops of pink, blue, and green! 🙂

    Farrah @ DISTRIKMODE

  7. thehautepursuit says:

    Damn you guys and your crazy unseasonal hot weather! I want to wear my shorts without freeeezing!!!! and oh boy…that custard….nom nom nom

  8. SheWearSheShares says:

    I would wear that cardi over everything too! It’s a miracle you have not snagged it yet, something I would do at first wear. Can’t wait to see what you wear with it next!

  9. melissa says:

    I love everything about this outfit!

  10. 949luxury says:

    I’ve been following your blog for sometime now and I love it! I especially love seeing NYC as your background!!!! BTW, because of your pix with towering Bebe wedges, I had to buy one also! LOL

  11. lovert says:

    what an amazing outfit! I love it everything is perfect:)

  12. Lorelei says:

    Would that be Tea and Sympathy? I love that place and the chippie next door,I’ve only been twice to NY but my british hubby took me there both times
    May I ask if that’s a Gucci watch you are wearing?
    Love the whole look!

  13. The Fashion Cloud says:

    Stunning, wish I had your legs haha, that lip colour looks really amazing on you!!


  14. Aimee says:

    Awesome sunglasses! And those rings are beautiful!

  15. LUU H. says:

    love ti : )

  16. Rocka Rolla says:

    I really like the cafe, we don’t have any place like this here in my spanish village.
    Your outfits are truly amazing, whatever you wear you make it looks sooooo natural, love it!

  17. Sarah says:

    I love the green stone ring!! great u found treacle puds in NYC- i don’t kn ow what i’d do without all my brit puddings and custard! xx

  18. Malena says:

    Cool casual look!

  19. ediot says:

    I L O V E your oufit!
    cant wait to wear jeansshorts too! hope youre having an great week!


  20. Gon says:

    I like this look on you, very casual but very chic, that cardi is gorgeous!

    Dimogonda blog

  21. Karoline says:

    I am so jealous, you always does it right!

  22. haute.teapot says:

    Your ring is killer and love the shorts + boots combo. I’d love to get your opinion on a dress I’m thinking of wearing to a wedding, if you wouldn’t mind stopping by my blog, I have a poll set-up. Thanks so much! x.

  23. Sarah says:

    i am in love with that cardi…

  24. Olivia says:

    Don’t blame you for wearing that cardi, it’s gorgeous and unique.
    It’s such a relaxed look, gosh I wished we had such a warm weather here 🙁

  25. lizzy says:

    These are really great shots Karen! The photography is really awesome. Love the shot of the…er…uhm…is it custard you said?

  26. Emmi says:

    Ah, the boots! I love the colourful nail polishes you wear!:)