leather strapped

Leather overalls: H&M. White dolman sleeve top: American Apparel. Blazer: Silence & Noise (Urban Outfitters). Shoes: ACNE. Scarf: Random
Typical Brit weather today; drizzly on and off rain. I can relate (of course).
I wore the leather overalls I picked up on clearance last week. Twitter followers get mini previews here of what I’ll probably post later, so they already saw the changing room pic.
The leather is matte (no shine) and has adjustable leather waist and ankle ties. Still can’t believe they were $200 (now $20). They reeeeally work too as oversized leather pants with the shoulder straps hanging down around the legs.
pps. I’m picking the winner tonight for the F21 ring giveaway and will announce the winner under Monday’s post.


  1. in3gue says:

    told you i stay up at night 🙂 and im not even following via any website, i just have intuition when you make a new post i guess.. LOL

    hellos from London! and good luck with choosing a winner for ur giveaway, might be a hard job! x


  2. Nikki Ashley says:

    overall’s have never looked so chic!

  3. Fashion Chalet says:

    I was actually wondering just yesterday when/if you would wear those shoes agaiN! 🙂


  4. faith says:

    i want overalls like that!!!
    they look amazing on you 🙂

  5. Lemondrop Marie says:

    Fabulous! So lucky you can wear those- I’d never be able to carry them off or wear them in Texas heat!

    Marie @ Lemondrop ViNtAge

  6. Clara says:

    They look friggin AWESOME and pairing them with the atacoma’s…sheer genius!

  7. The Queen of Hearts says:

    There is such power in black + white images; I shot some of myself earlier and compared to the color images, there’s just no comparison really. Excellent shoot love — though I must say a “no ma’am” to the leather overalls. I just blogged about being unable to reconcile leather shorts so overalls would just be out of the question.

  8. CeCeSoChic says:

    Leather overalls can go one of two ways….really really well or just wrong. Major props for making them look so effortless. The ACNE platforms were genius. Still keeps the rugged feel of the entire ensemble without losing the femininity.

  9. leflassh. says:

    the overalls look so rad on you.
    paired with those acne wedges = amazing!

  10. Phyllis says:

    so sick! you rock them

  11. caylee says:

    wow i couldn’t love this look more karen! this is how you wear leather overalls. and these pictures are some of my favorites of yours.

  12. Fuglen says:

    Your best shots to this date!

  13. Iole says:

    loving this outfit!!!

  14. pkjb says:

    I know this post is all about the overalls – but those shoes make my heart skip a beat – still. Looking fab as ever and loving the black and white vibe.

    Hello from London Town! ck 🙂 x