light fantastic

Jacket: Thrift. Harem trousers: H&M. Boots: Trash & Vaudeville. Sheer pocket T: Express. Triple amber ring: Dr Foots in New Orleans. Coral/gold ring: YSL. Large cross: Fashionology. Bird skull necklace: LF Mens Fedora: Trash & Vaudeville. Shades: Ray Ban
Felt a bit sparkly last weekend. The sun rays bounce off this jacket like no one’s business. There were little disco ball dots following me everywhere (should’ve captured them in a pic).
When I wear these boots I think of Patricia Arquette in True Romance. LOVE that film and could so see her wearing them. Her candy coloured punk rock outfits were genius. If you’ve not seen it, rent it out.
ps. I’m reading the comments coming in for the UME piece giveaway by Armor. Keep them coming. I’ll pick a winner on Thursday evening.
pps. Thank you to those who are joining me on Bloglovin’ here. Means alot. K x


  1. OooKellyNicky says:

    You are so feirce. Ha! Littel sequins disco balls I like that, and ya… those boots are a force to be reckoned with. I love them with those pants. I would have never put that together.. Inspired!

    my blog: ♥La Stylin Girraffe♥

  2. Nia Marie says:

    ♥ YOUR BLOG but I was wondering what do you put in your hair? I just started wearing mine natural and cant seem to find something that works on my curls. Hope you can help me 🙂

  3. Lin says:

    WOW! The shoes! Mad!

  4. SheWearSheShares says:

    I am so impressed that every single sequin seems to be in place for being a thrift jacket. Definitely a high maintenance piece in need of TLC.

  5. leflassh. says:

    wow this is awesome those boots are crazy!
    love it.

  6. AlejandrA says:


  7. garakami says:

    You look great, I love your hair, as always. The sequin blazer came back out to spread it’s love and joy.

    I felt like such a weirdo for stalking your page for a little over a year and not really commenting you. Lol, you might remember me as the person who corrected you saying “Trash and Vaudeville” incorrectly.

    I love your blog and your style. <3
    Hope you have a great rest of the week ! And looking forward to your later posts.


  8. Li says:

    Love the jacket! You’re style is just like your jacket, inspiring so many others, and we are the followers just like the disco balls were following you. (: Love the boots as well! x

  9. Phyllis says:

    holy eff those boots are SICK!!!

  10. Paintingtestimony says:

    Great outfit! Love it with and without the jacket!

  11. Ashley says:

    Those boots are *awesome*!! And that jacket – wish I could see the disco ball dots, it must’ve been so much fun walking around with those reflecting off of you! Like your own lighting crew following you around, lol!


  12. ediot says:

    Such a fun and unique outfit! I Love how comfy it looks and how you glammed it up with that ecclectic blazer! So much greAt inspiration here always! Xxxx ediot.

  13. Maria Irene says:

    I feel like I’m in the 80’s seeing that jacket! amazeballs

  14. ari says:

    looove this outfit, the splashes of color go great with the gray pants.

  15. Bohemian says:

    Love the jacket!

  16. Signe says:

    Amazing jacket!

  17. Emilie says:

    What an amazing outfit, I love your style!

  18. Stella Mayfair says:

    the boots are great. may i ask who makes them?

  19. Alma says:

    You’re inspiring me so much!! The outfit is beautiful composed!

  20. Debrah says:

    Amazing look.