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Pants: American Apparel. Top: Thrift. Boots: All Saints
Well this is a first for me.
Thanks Silvia for sending me this illustration (all the way from Italy).
The original post for the outfit is here.
ps. I used to LOVE drawing when growing up and filled endless sketch book pages. I almost want to return back to it again. Have you lot grown out of a hobby you wish you still did now?
pps. I used to act on stage too for years. I really regret not continuing that.


  1. Fuji Files says:

    I recently started ballet again after a 5 year gap. It feels sooo good to be back. Well first it hurt, but now it feels good 😉

    xx FujiFiles

  2. Chike says:

    hey karen! love the blog, love your style, love your twitter. Follow me @chiiike! keep up the great work, dahling!

  3. Chike says:

    I also used to draw, but I gave it up for band. I gave up band for girls lol. I really need to stick to (at least) one thing. o_O

  4. Emm says:

    wow this is amazing! you look beautiful in both photo and sketch =)
    Such a pleasure to be drawn, right?

    from spindizzyfall

  5. What's Haute says:

    great illustration. shes got talent!

  6. Sarah Dee says:

    I used to draw too!! I want to get back to it


  7. ANGIE says:

    so jealous of that drawing. i wish someone would do that for me. ha ha. i love the outfit also. well deserved.

    i took piano lessons as a child but quit after starting because i wanted play instead. i still play but all by ear. i wish i had continued so could be play classically.


  8. Stephanie says:

    we had the same hobbies in our youth lol! my parents forced me to take acting classes and saturday morning painting lessons for years and to this day, my mom says she regrets pulling me out of paint class.


  9. Maggie ☮ says:

    I use to absolutely love reading when I was younger but I suddenly did not have time for it I see my younger sister doing it and I admire her so much I’m trying to gain my love and allot time for it because I realized how much I missed it.
    *ps the sketch is amazing!

  10. gretchen says:

    very nice drawing …. and you need to pick up a pencil, yourself! just go for it.

  11. Fuji Files says:

    That’s it, you’ve made it! Beautiful illustration, congrats.

    xx FujiFiles

  12. Camilla says:

    awesome drawing.


  13. Branka says:

    I got back to sewing and knitting. Now i’m hooked again!

  14. Sjaar says:

    its done perfectly!

  15. Princess of many sorts says:

    Hi girl:)
    Amazing drawing….

    And you look wonderful as always….
    Have a great day – SP

  16. Studded Hearts says:

    love that sketch of you.
    i still sketch sometimes when i have the time.
    i love it. it calms me down.

  17. mnemonique says:

    oh, my – this is awesome !!!

  18. FASHION SNAG says:

    Wow, I love the sketch. She picked a great photo of you. You should start doing the things you want to do. It is never too late. x

  19. Ariana says:

    the illustration is great.The picture even better.I think you should give drawing a try:you won`t lose anything if you give it a chance.And acting seems very interesting and fun to me:)why the hell not?

  20. Fashion By He says:

    awesome drawings, you look amazing as always!! really great style

    can we link exchange??


  21. Tastes Eclectic Fashion says:

    Why not start drawing again?! And acting too? The limit to what you can do is only what you place upon yourself. [=

  22. Kassie says:

    I used to dance and I miss it so much. I’m thinking about starting it up again but returning seems so daunting after so many years.
    The drawing is beautiful!

    Stolen Stiletto

  23. Tom Tuttle from Tacoma says:

    art used to be my fave subject. i used to dance; a bit of ballet and chinese folk dance. i also kinda regret i hadn’t taken the interests or passion further. i always daydreamt of being part of a dance troupe that tours the world over.

  24. Silvia says:

    Thank you sooo much Karen for post my illustration and thank you all guys for the compliments! that makes me feel soooo happy! thanks

    big hugs

  25. Amber says:

    x amber

  26. Elana says:

    this is such a good picture and very spot on!

  27. caylee says:

    i love the original picture, and it’s so awesome that you now have a sketch of it too!
    and the funny thing is, the hobby i wish i still did is sketching! i too have a sketchbook and it’s filled with drawings of cartoons. so sad that we get to busy to do the things we once loved.

  28. Couture says:

    Gorgeous drawing!

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