london street style

This girl told me that she was wearing a vintage jumpsuit and shoes. LOVED the skinny belt and red shades.

Blazer, chunky heeled ankle boots and the perfect old hat with an oversized bag. The guy to her right was wearing skinny jeans tucked into metallic bronze boots (and looked fantastic)

I loved this simple cotton jumpsuit. She told me it was purchased overseas. Spain I believe.

Those leopard harem pants that you’ve seen me wear recently but worn this time with a basic vest and sandals

Jessica – a style advisor at Topshop in London wearing a dress with side splits (which I bought) and will post pics wearing soon (thanks Jessica for being such a sport). You can get the dress HERE in white.

Men’s style:

I love how simple yet effective this guy’s entire look was. The grey top. The rolled up trousers with no socks and flat shoes with an oversized bag. He was wearing Ray Ban wayfarers.
The leather satchel:

Definitely worth finding in a vintage shop if you can. It looked as if he’d had it for years, even if he hadn’t. I loved seeing so many men effortlessly styling slim cut trousers and jeans.
A very simple way to wear black and white effectively. I could easily have seen a girl wearing this too.

A punk working at Camden Market. So many elements from the punk dress culture have been copied and translated into mainstream by too many designers to mention.

So there was this cow crossing the road (yes the first guy is dressed as a cow):

I had to take this shot from my bus seat. They were all together, drinks in hand.
Photos by me
Some random shots that I took of people while in London.
From walking the streets, I was reminded all over again of why I love the casual way they/we dress.


  1. Michelle Elaine says:

    hehe this is fun! stalkerazzi 😉 but really i love people watching its a favorite past time of mine.


  2. The Original Swedish Blonde! says:

    Ooh the black jumpsuit….just kill me now….I’ve been wanting one forever. So hard to find one that fits me. 🙁

  3. Sarah Dee says:

    wow. words cannot describe how amazing i find all of these photos!


  4. Lin says:

    great spots Karen. can’t wait to go to the uk… one day… still dreaming!

  5. The Sound of Lace says:

    i love these shots!! i can see where you get your wonderful style from. great inspiration!!

  6. The Sound of Lace says:

    great pics! i see where you get your great style! great inspiration!

  7. Adeline says:

    the last that a cow leading the crowd? :)))
    i like that photo a lot.everyone has a different style

  8. Lily says:

    Wonderful street style my dear!

    The slashed dress on the topshop style advisor is incredible..I haven’t seen that in topshop yet?!

    Shall definitely keep an eye’s so beautiful!



  9. Dree says:

    I love just sitting and people watching in London! People are so innovative and as proud of their vintage finds as their couture. Very inspiring.

    Dree xx

  10. f says:

    nice shots

  11. Valentina says:

    Amazing street style flashes, Karen!I expecially love the blazer+marc jabobs purse girl of the secondo picture.

    Valentina from Fashion Trotter – 100% italian street style

  12. Fashion Butter says:

    that first guy is WORKING that bag! I could learn a lot from him.

  13. Malena says:

    I love both jumpsuits!

  14. pkjb says:

    sometimes i think i harp on about being a Londoner way too much – – but these pics remind me why – this place ROCKS!! CK 🙂 X

  15. RedHead says:

    I LOVE that black side-split dress, it was in the Style Hunter section of this week’s Grazia. WANT.

  16. Vanja says:

    Is that a typo?
    On the last picture you typed cow and I was like who’s the cow in the picture lol … maybe you meant crowd.

    Anyways love the easygoing dressed people in London.

  17. Lis-x- says:

    I LOVE going to Camden market. Everyone I see has their own style going on.=)
    Off The Wardrobe

  18. Elisa @ Globetrotting in Heels says:

    Loved the girls’ styles, with the exception of the one in the leopard harem pants, which I don’t really like. But I’m sure if anyone can make them work, it’s you!

    I also don’t like skinny jeans/pants on men – in fact I don’t like anything for-fitting on a man, period. The punk, however, I liked 🙂

  19. Midnight lady says:

    I so love england,iam a Birmingham chicka…however london is my sanctuary where i get away to engage in some retail therapy… redeeming my hard earned cash. “I love my money where i can see it-hanging in my closet”,(carrie, satc).

  20. OooKellyNicky says:

    Ha too cute! I love this post about street style. The guys are so simple chic. Love it.

  21. jamie-lee says:

    How fun is it to take pics of others? can definately see a trend in the sort of things you like.. will you be wearing any long one-piece jumpsuits anytime soon? I loved the black one!

  22. Wini says:

    the last pics is very cool 🙂

  23. Dominika says:

    That dress that Jessia is wearingis sooo amazing!

  24. Dodo says:

    Ahw sweet Camden! I really want to go back there!!

  25. says:

    very cool post, love that you pulled ppl off the streets. very ballsy ; )

  26. Loobs says:

    Ohmigod that Topshop slit dress….SO gorge. How jealous am I? I wonder if it’s still in stock….

    My brand new beginner’s blog
    Looby Hearts