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Dress: DVF. Boots: Thrifted men section. Bag: Alexander Wang. Hat: Borrowed. Stone pendant: Spitalsfield market (same seller as the large cuff posted below).
Photos: Taken by a friend.
Met up with a friend and went for a walk. Of course I just realized I’m wearing the exact same dress I had on one or two posts below. Oh what the heck!
I bought the large stone pendant with that cuff posted below (same seller). Threaded the stone with some thin leather cord. Always worth doing youself since a). it’s cheap and b). you can wear it at whatever length suits you.
The hat is borrowed. I left all of mine at home – *gasp*
See you tomorrow!


  1. ediot says:

    if i had that dress- id wear it all the time! it is perfect.
    hope youre having a wonderful week

    xx ediot

  2. Rosa Couture says:

    the dress looks amazing on you..and the bag well i dont think i need to comment on that since im sure you heard it all about 10 000 times before..i want!


  3. Angela says:

    I’m so ‘in love’ with that AW bag!

  4. pkjb says:

    so cute – deserves to be seen twice!

  5. Camilla says:

    love it 🙂


  6. be.aoi says:

    Gorgeous dress!! love your wang bag

  7. le pearl says:

    Great outfit. The turquoise pendant really matches the dress <3

  8. caylee says:

    love the dress again! your accessories are killing me. that turquoise stone necklace is gorgeous, as is the cuff from your previous post!

  9. Jasmin Alexia says:

    Your style is so amazing! I read your “about me” and your story is so inspiring. So jealous of your closet by the way!

    xx Jasmin

  10. Shady says:

    the necklaces are awesome! have fun in London!

  11. chichichic says:

    gorgeous in that lace dress….



  12. Camille says:

    hey, i love your blog and have been reading it for the last three months (i went threw all your posts lol. so i’m coming to NYC for two days and wanted to know if you knew any good shopping places to visit. thanks so much! 🙂

  13. Glamour Bbey. says:

    The suits suits you perfect!

  14. My Lack of Style says:

    Such a cool outfit, the dress suits you perfect so you do have to wear it a lot.. 😉

  15. Sarah Dee says:

    I love how big the pendant is =)and you pull it off so effortlessly!!!


  16. gretecullen says:

    beutiful spring-summer outfit

  17. Li says:

    Love the outfit, especially the stone necklace!

  18. Nathalie says:

    The dress is so amazing, I wouldn’t mind if you wear it a third time in a row 🙂
    Enjoy being at home.

  19. sofie says:

    God I love that bag big time!