Dress: Forever 21 (you saw it before here). Jacket: Thrift. Wedges: Courtesy of Coach.<--- now on sale. Bag: LF. Wing Ring: Random

Found some shots taken a few weeks ago (pre heat wave) while heading to Pastis in the meatpacking district.


  1. barbara says:

    your dress is gorgeous, i’ve been looking for a lace dress for so long.

    love your blog!


  2. Coco and Zaahb says:

    I love the length of the dress, I have to be careful with short dressed cause I have really long legs, dont want to look slutty lol

  3. Anastasia says:

    Pastis is literally my FAVE place to eat. I actually work in the hotel right in front of it…so I eat there on most of my lunch breaks.
    I noticed your banner is from the area right next to the Gansevoort!
    are you in meatpacking often?

    MaMa P.

  4. Hannah says:

    Loving the lace and leather!

  5. Diana says:

    Mmmmmmmm… Pastis… Yum!

  6. bravegrrl says:

    love your bag 🙂

  7. hadelicious says:

    Leather and lace, the best combination out there! Love your bag!

  8. Sarah Dee says:

    Ive been looking for that bag! black and studded!
    its beautiful 😉


  9. Silvia says:


  10. Tariro says:

    LACE DRESS! Jealousy just hit me! Lol

  11. Anonymous says:

    I saw you sold your Topshop Aggie boots but could you please tell me if they run true to size? Or do they run larger/smaller? Thanks in advance!

  12. CMA says:

    so great, loving every bit of it
    loving your blog as always
    keep it up, thanks for sharing!
    loving you as always darling


  13. marie says:

    leather and lace always make the perfect combination…adorable outfit! <3

  14. My Lack of Style says:

    Beautiful combination between the white lace dress and leather jacket!

  15. Eden says:

    Love your dress.It’s gorgeous :))

  16. Marielle says:

    LOVE your style!

  17. Malena says:

    Lovely shoes 🙂

  18. Camilla says:

    I have some serious love for that dress.


  19. moded'amour says:

    gorgeous outfit!

  20. Dominika says:

    amazing look!
    love it!

  21. Louise says:

    Holy batman legs!!!! Love that dress so much.

  22. Nita-Karoliina says:

    I love that leather jacket. really nice looks!

  23. ELLE says:

    Those shoes are GREAT! And look like they’d be super comfy too

  24. Sara Louise says:

    that bag is goregous .
    i need one

  25. Anonymous says:

    Shoes messed up the outfit, sorry girl.

  26. Jessica says:

    I love the combination of the lace and leather. You look fabulous! xo