monochromes and pink

T-shirt: Nottinghill Market (London). Cycling shorts: Random. Shoes: Topshop. Fedora: Trash & Vaudeville. Large crucifix: Fashionology. Armlet & small skull pendant: Courtesy of Fashionology.Large black/silver ring: Dr Foots (New Orleans).
Last week I met up with Christine from the blog Christeric and yes, I bought that long black dress from her in the below post.
To say she’s one of my fave bloggers out there currently is a serious understatement (plus she’s a fellow maxi dress fan).
We went for dinner with our other halves and chatted so long that we closed down the restaurant (we looked up around 1.30am to see only a few staff left standing around).
Her DIY’s are insane. Yes Yes Christine, I know I need to line my studded bag ; )
See more shots and bookmark her blog asap —–>here


  1. Maria says:

    AAAAAHHHH I LOVE CHRISTINE!!!!!! BOTH HER AND YOU ARE MY FAVOURITE FASHION ICONS!! wow, i need a moment to breathe I’m too excited at seeing you together.

    beautiful outfits, as always!

  2. be.aoi says:

    Waaauuww!! love Christine and love you!! great to see you two together!

  3. Lin says:

    I love her. Her dyis amaze mr

  4. SheWearSheShares says:

    2 of my fave bloggers in one spot. What a great fusion!

  5. Aimee says:

    Amazing again! Love your shoes!

  6. Sarah Dee says:

    funny! I had just opened her post and yours not even knowing they were related! Your two blogs are my favs!


  7. Ida says:

    I love your hat! And my gosh, great legs!!

  8. Loobs says:

    Aaah for a minute there I thought you had done a guest design thing. Anyway…she’s so little and gorge! Will check her blog right now.

    Love Loobsx
    Looby Hearts

  9. Grazia C. says:

    OMG, this outfit is so loverly as you!I follow this blog because i like so much your eclectic style!!!*__*

  10. Eden says:

    Love both your outfits:))

  11. Anika Sweetfaced Style says:

    love this post! made me want to hang out with you fab ladies 🙂
    xxx Anika

  12. Studded Hearts says:

    blogger meet up of my dreams haha.
    both of you look awesome!


  13. sina alexa redfield says:

    <3 <3 <3 for your blog. Just the sheer madness.never seen something like this amazing in blogger in world. Personal and amazing. you inspire me in so many ways…

  14. Camilla says:

    Love both your outfits.


  15. fashion clocked says:

    what an amazing meet up! She is on of my absolute favourites- always looks awesome ( as do you!!) and DIY’S are phenomenal!!! Looks and sounds like the most fun time together!xxxx
    fashion clocked
    I would love you to visit.xx Katie.x