Tshirt & gold ring: H&M (clearance). Baggy shorts: Levi’s. Shoes: Topshop Unique Skater boots: (clearance/sale). Fedora: Trash and Vaudeville. Necklaces: Courtesy of Fashionology. Bag: Thrift (DIY studded). Pink stone ring: YSL. Lips: MAC Pink Nouveau lipstick & Magenta lip liner
Before going for drinks, we took some pics – including in a laundrette. I faked waiting for clothes in the dryer, which was about as believable as England winning the World Cup.
I see a subconscious theme going on with me recently and per my twitter post yesterday, my order of these confirmed it (at least in my head).
Pink feels like summer.
ps. I will figure out a ‘ How To’ post one day on my hair since I’ve been asked a few times about it ; -)

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