above and below ground

Dress: Buffalo Exchange. Boots: Vintage Fryes (eBay). Bag: LF (clearance sale). Shades: Urban Outfitters (first posted here)

A random day in NYC.


  1. britishbabe says:

    Beautiful pictures hun , and
    Wow!! your hair has grown so much…do u wash, condition and trim it regularly..furthermore what products do u use on it?. Xxxx

  2. Contempo Ingenue says:

    You look so cute! Love these pics!


  3. Michelle Elaine says:

    who is your photog?


  4. Adrianna Traxler says:

    Gorgeous photography…I really love your purse and dress. I also which it was chilly enough for boots

  5. CeCeSoChic says:

    Florals were my obsession this season, as with every summer…sigh…currently thinking of ways to winter-ize my summer florals. I’m thinking tights, chunky socks and booties might work, for Fall at least.


  6. pancakeSTACKER says:

    I’m visiting NYC for the first time ever in a few weeks and something about these subway shots make me so incredibly excited! What an extra treat it would be if I randomly caught you on one of your shoots!


  7. Camilla says:

    I love the boots


  8. The Fashion Cloud says:

    great outfit I really need to find myself some easy and fun floral dresses


  9. Eden says:

    Love the dress and the bag:)))Cute and the photos are amazing:))

  10. VILLAGE GIRL says:

    Lovely dress, nice photography…thumbs up!!!

  11. Aimee says:

    Great look! Love the black and white!

  12. Gon says:

    you look pretty and cool in that outfit! NY must be so gorgeous!


  13. Debraland says:

    Lovely pics, love your style, so cute!! xoxo.

  14. Maria says:

    You’re so gorgeous! The pictures are awesome, too. I’ve got some photos of you on my wall, great inspiration! Have a nice day:)

  15. Sing says:

    What an awesome bag.

  16. Eli says:

    hello!!! i like your style!!! i follow you 🙂 amazing blog …xoxo Eli

  17. LoliTa says:

    great photos- love your tassels!

  18. Sissi says:

    you just look gorgeous like always!

  19. Anonymous says:

    love these pics…hopefully u will be going to fashion night out events if so intend to live vicariously through you

  20. The says:

    Bag bAg baG BAG! Love it xx

  21. Ninjagaiden78 says:

    Great photography, fantastic style, beautiful woman, all around wonderful.


  22. The Village Idiot says:

    your photos are awesome. you have great personal style

  23. Laura says:

    I love how you toughen up girly dresses.You look fab!!!! =)