bring it

Crochet jumper: Consignment. Trousers: Courtesy of Love. Bag: Alexander Wang. Boots: eBay. Black stone ring: YSL. Pale stone ring: St Marks Place street vendor
and you thought the Gee Wa Was were extreme…..
These seventies boots had my name all over them!! The massive two tone wood platform, the huge heel – I’m wearing these all winter when dressed in all black with maxis like (this one) or with winter shorts, black wool tights and a floor length cardigan (see? my brain is already going).
I mix up all sorts, so wearing a large crochet top and leopard pants with them makes perfect sense to me. The pants sit low on the hips with a deep pocket on either side. Just how I like it. Max comfort. Just wear wool tights under them when it gets colder.
Bring on Autumn. Winter too. Let’s do this.

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