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Photography by Karen Blanchard
(Shots inside YSL using iPhone. Silver/black ring above taken with Nikon)
After picking up my tongue from off the YSL fluffy carpet, I got the black and silver one above.
It’s the darker side kick to my gold/coral one posted before, including (here).
I noticed that style is going for almost double on eBay? Have a look. Crazy.


  1. Amanda says:

    definitely drool worthy!

  2. Diya says:

    my gosh so many amazing rings! I like your ultimate choice a lot!

  3. Andee Layne says:

    i LOVE the black and silver one!!! i feel like this ring is becoming a bit trendy now and everyone has it. Glad you got one that is different xo

  4. What I Am Loving says:

    Love the black and silver one! Great choice. =)

  5. caylee says:

    so awesome that you got the black/silver one. i was seriously comtemplating one, and then i saw them on ebay for around $400 – woah! glad to hear that they’re not so much if you can find one elsewhere 🙂

  6. bravegrrl says:

    the black is amazing.

  7. Michelle Elaine says:

    i want it in black and gold, super drool worthy


  8. She Wears, She Shares says:

    Karen OMG ! This is the first I’ve seen the cuff! The ring is pretty moderate in price, but how about the cuff? I must have it sigh…

  9. Eden says:

    amazing rings!all of them r a good choice:)))

  10. Vanja says:

    Sooo … where did you get that? :p

  11. { I V Y } says:

    good choice missy!

  12. Tiffany* says:

    When I got my ring when the first came out I instantly thought- “I wish they offered it in silver as well” Now they do!?! So sad, I can’t afford two. Love the silver and that ring with the two stones…is that a double finger ring?!? Gorgeous! How did you ever chose 🙂

  13. Loobs says:

    Go on Karen….tell us how much! 🙂 xxxx


  14. fashion clocked says:

    love the green and gold and the silver and black- tough decisions… but if you have the gold coral already- good move!! I wish they did more silver options.. gold isnt my thing… now a rose gold one…. would be phenomenal…Katie.xxx
    fashion clocked

  15. Psychotic_Cheshire says:

    OMG! Where did you find the black one???!! I’ve been wanting it, but refuse to pay the insane prices on evilbay

  16. Shamini says:

    ohhh! gorgeous!
    i so love that ring!
    lucky you!

  17. Capricorn07 says:

    I have been sitting here for 3hours amazed at this site. So amazed i decide to sign up for my first blogging experience ever. Damn your good. Got so inspired just browsing through.
    Cheers to you.
    From the Bahamas

  18. jabbertree says:

    Holy, those rings are gorgeous! I would like to have… All of them! ALL! Great choice though, the black insert and the silver contrast nicely.

  19. Karen says:

    Fashion Snag – i LOVE their cuffs. I should’ve tried one on and taken a quick iphone pic :- /

    Caylee – yea eBay selling them more than the actual designer is ummm. stupid.

    Marcia B – just saw thx : )

    Tiffany – no they are all single not double rings.

    Studded Hearts – don’t be! but my God they are nice, esp when you see them up close all together or in action on other people’s hands. You see how it looks on you sort of.

  20. Aimee says:

    Great ring! I really like the silver/black one!

  21. Taylor says:

    I am obsessed with that colorway, I bought the green/pewter one which is also rare but the black and silver was the one I was looking for forever. The bracelets are amazing.

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