My new boots by All Saints in chalk.


  1. bravegrrl says:

    love them, i just bought them with the buckles!!! can’t wait to see them on you!


    I’ve been wanting white boots for …. forever
    I’m so jealous!

  3. Liana says:

    love them! i’ve been searching for the perfect pair of boots lately but no luck yet…but those look great! jealous! 😛

  4. Dirty Hair Halo says:

    oh man. looking forward to what you do with these. for whatever reason some heathered grey and red hiking socks scrunched down at the tops seem cool, if that makes any sense at all.

  5. S___y says:

    quite different & unique.

  6. kim says:

    sweet boots

  7. Tima says:


  8. The Sound of Lace says:


  9. Sera xo says:


  10. Modemädchen says:

    wow die sehen toll aus!!!

  11. Aimee says:

    Wow! I saw them on the All Saints website. I want them!

  12. HILRAG says:

    these are the best in the world.

    love allsaints to pieces, haha.


  13. RedHead says:

    I have those! I really should wear them more….

  14. nikky says:

    great for fall!

  15. Tariro says:

    I love those boots! Gorgeous color.

  16. Marina says:

    This is truly element of your style. Nice boots!

  17. Tiffany says:


  18. Karen says:

    Bravegrrl – I like the buckle ones too. It was between those and these.

    RedHead – you should!!

    J.S. They had a large sale section 2 weeks ago in the NY shop. I’m holding out for a parachute dress.

    Marina – thx I HAD TO HAVE THEM.

  19. mulberry bayswater says:

    visiting your post and I do think you are really born to be a fashion blogger

  20. Diana says:


  21. gucci online shop says:

    Advantageously, the post is really the sweetest on this worthy topic.

  22. Insane Pink says:

    Ou la la, I love them boots! I just said recently, god save me from All Saints, they have so many awesome things I cant afford. But I can almost lie to myself that I can, so its quite dangerous. Lovely shade of ghost.

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