manhattan to queens

Poncho: Zara. Denim shorts (unseen). Boots: All Saints <— bought another pair! Can you guess which ones/style?? Bag. Thrift DIY studded. Hat: Thrift/Vintage
It’s funny. I live so close to Manhattan but as soon as I re-surface on the tube in Queens, it’s 10 x more quiet. (That’s how it felt last holiday weekend when we took these pics). Actually it felt the same in London when working behind Oxford Circus and going home to Bethnal Green.
Nothing changes really.
The poncho was scored during Zara’s summer clearance sale about 5 weeks ago ish? I’d wanted it for ages but waited (with fingers crossed) to see if it would get marked down.
Ok so NYFW is here which means figuring out wtf do I wear???
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K x

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