can you dance?

Oh this is going to be a good laugh…I teamed up with ALDO to be one of their judges for their dance contest!
What do you win?
Grand Prize: $2,500 + $500 ALDO gift card to the highest score. The next 5 runners up each get $500 gift card and we award a second $2,500 prize to the most loved entry.
How do you win?
Post your video wearing Aldo shoes—> HERE <---- You generate scores by getting friends to view, like, share & tweet it. The highest score wins the grand prize.
How do you win the 2nd $2,500 prize?
We will pick based on 3 criteria: 1. Innovative use of clothing and accessories (5 points). 2. Innovative Dance Style (5 points) 3. Overall Creativity (10 points).
Read the full details here.
Competition ends December 6 and is open to anyone in Canada, United States and the UK (come on England, don’t let me down)
I’m watching your videos as they pop up on ALDO’s gallery here.
Get a move on. I’m waiting to watch more ;-))


  1. Camilla says:

    this is a fantastic idea ahah!

  2. heylila says:

    sounds like fun, I would be in, but I am from Germany…but I am really excited for the videos!!!


  3. joy says:

    This is such a good idea!

  4. Amy says:

    haha, sounds like such a laugh! if i could dance i would be straight in there 🙂
    i love the blonde model in the video, she’s amazing!


  5. Shakiya( says:

    That was tooo cute!! Was that Jessica Stam dancing??!!?? She looked super cute in this video!!!Loved it!!!

  6. lacy says:

    super cute contest!

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